Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wizardry in Progress 5/30/18

It's time for Wizardry in Progress!

This week I played around with bitz some more and customized a couple more Deathwatch duders and a new Tech-Priest Dominus. I also painted one of the minis I built last week as a test model for my Deathwing painting scheme.

Let's take a look.

MK3 Black Shield

Ever since I had read about Black Shields, I loved the idea of having one of them in my army who used to be from a pre-Heresy traitor legion.

I really liked the idea of this guy being a former Luna Wolf who was lost in the Warp and came out of it to find that Horus went traitor and his legion is no longer what he believed it was.

That's this guy.

Due to the special ability that forces his unit to make Heroic Interventions, I gave him dual power swords.

The parts for this guy were all given to me by my friend Dusty, who was kind enough to ship me him and a bunch of other bitz for my Deathwatch project.

Watch Master

The Watch Master got his Guardian Spear this week. But I still feel like he's missing something.

I'm thinking he needs a few more details to make him really pop.

I might have to break out the green stuff and try adding in some iconography or something...

Watch Captain

This fella is a new addition to the army. He's a limited edition Space Marine Captain that was released a year or so ago.

He originally came with a power fist, but I ended up tossing it to the side and converted him to hold a Deathwatch power sword.

In order for his Deathwatch shoulder pad to work I ended up reworking the cape with green stuff.

I modified the iron halo on his backpack by shaving off the skull on the center of it. I then took the small Deathwatch icon from the upgrade sprue and glued it to the iron halo.

I love how that looks!

This guy will be either leading a detachment or a veteran squad, depending on how my army list shakes out.

Tech-Priest Dominus

Months ago I ordered a Techmarine and Tech-Priest Enginseer model to go with the Tech-Preist Dominus that came in the Forgebane box, so I could build a new Dominus for my army.

Originally I had planned to make his lower half a unicycle, like gizmoduck. But after playing with different tires I couldn't find anything that worked well.

After that idea fizzled, I decided to just sit down and play.

I took the legs from the Enginseer and plopped the torso from the Techmarine on top of it and used the Dominus' arms.

For his servo harness I went with the Techmarine's harness and then modified the arms to fit his guns, the Eradication Ray and Macrostubber, to the servo-arms.

That took a bit of work to get the plastic to glue to the resin and I ended up using a lot of pins on him.

The last touch was the servo-skull. The one from the Dominus kit didn't look right, and I wasn't sure about the one from the Enginseer kit. That was until I realized I could use part of his backpack as the base for the servo-skull and it makes the backpack more unique.

I really like how he turned out. He'll look great when he's all painted.

Deathwatch Watch Sargent
I showed this fella off in last week's Wizardry in Progress. Well, that night I just couldn't help myself and I painted him up!

He looks super bad ass, even if he gets teased a lot for the power fist pose. I especially like the way the red dust looks against the black armor.

I recorded a video of him for Let's Paint as well. So expect a series on him down the line. 

And that's it for now. I had a lot of fun making these guys and the pile of Deathwatch folks keeps growing.

Check back next week for more WIPs and another Wizardry in Progress. Until next time, you can catch me on Twitter and Instagram, where I show off projects as they are happening.

Thanks for reading!