Monday, June 18, 2018

Miniature Monday: Tech-Priest Dominus

The Skitarii have a new leader! A new Tech-Priest Dominus joins the battle!

Ever since I finished my original Dominus, I wanted to do another conversion using a Techmarine as the basis of it. For this one I blended a Tech-Priest Dominus, Tech-Priest Engineseer and the Techmarine.

I had originally wanted to do a model styled after Gizmoduck, but didn't care for the options I had for tires. In the end, I went with a more cyborg human and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

I had thought about using the Techmarine as a counts as Tech-Priest Enginseer, but parts of the model scream Space Marines and not Mechanicum at all (especially the shoulders).

I've always liked him, but since I'm not a Space Marine player I never really had a reason to pick one up. That is until I needed another Dominus.

I knew that I wanted the chest and servo pack to be the basis of the model. I also needed the Dominus weapons too. These would be the main parts.

The Enginseer model was used for the legs. I could have used the Datasmith legs but I preferred the bulkiness of the Enginseer's legs instead.

The servo-pack was used for the ranged weapons. I am really pleased with the way the Eradication Ray turned out, but originally wasn't with the pistol. The more I look at it, the more I like it now though.

I had an issue with how I wanted to do his servo skull. The one from the Dominus kit didn't fit nicely. But, the Enginseer one was mounted on a little metal piece. I popped it off the old backpack and plopped it on top of the Techmarine's pack. It looked excellent!

One of my favorite parts of this model is the Omnissian Axe. Instead of the standard white and black Crux Mechanicus, I painted it in my faction colors.

I did this for two reasons. A) I thought it looked cool and B) He's my leader and warlord now, the copper and green cog is a symbol of his position in my army.

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