Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Wizardry in Progress 6/27/18

I have returned from Midwest Miniature Madness triumphant!

It was a small convention, but I met a few people and was able to talk a lot of hobby with folks. While there I painted up the C'thulhu bust from Black Heart Models, Kommander Sorscha bust from Privateer Press and was challenged to a 5 color only Intercessor paint challenge.

I recorded all of it and it will all be released on YouTube soon!

C'thulhu Bust

The first model I painted at the convention was C'thulhu from Black Heart Models. I was lucky enough to had been given this bust by the owner of the company, along with Hannibal of Carthage, so I could paint them during the weekend.

So, thanks George for sending them to me!

For this fella, I painted him in the same style as the original C'thulhu and the chibi version, which made him go by really quickly.

For these busts, I bought a set of larger brushes at Michael's, a 4, 6 and 8. These helped a lot with base coats and sped up painting considerably. I was going to get some larger Raphaels, but I'm perfectly happy with the cheaper brushes for base coating and didn't really need a super high quality brush for it.

This bust used a lot of washes to add shadows and surface texture. While working on it, I really wish I had brought my hair dryer with me to the convention.

In these pictures, the fleshy bits look a bit washed out, but in person they have more pink to them. Also the eyes are not finished, they need gloss coat over them to finish them off.

I still need to do the plinth, but I have some special plans for that, which will have to wait until later. But it should hopefully turn out really cool, we shall see.

This entire paint job was done live at the convention and recorded. There was one technical difficulty and the lamps lost power due to a bad extension cord. But, it shouldn't hurt the video much and that series should be up starting next Thursday. 

Kommander Sorscha Bust

Once C'thulhu was finished, I got started on Kommander Sorscha from Privateer Press.

For Sorscha, I wanted her to be lit from the side, similar to how I painted Vlad, but not as drastic. I also wanted to paint her in traditional Khador colors, since I like painting red.

I was torn between making her coat black or brown leather and in the end I decided to go with brown leather. I am glad that I did as it let me control the shades and tones of the leather a lot more.

Overall, I think this is the best bust I've painted to date.

The skin, the armor and leather all turned out great. I was worried about the hat for a little bit, but its grown on me since.

One of my favorite parts of the model is the weathering on the armor. For this one I sponged it twice, once with Rhinox Hide and another with Leadbelcher. This was followed by small highlights of Wild Rider Red to make the chips really pop.

Out of all of it, my favorite parts are the face, hair and eyes. It took a lot of work to dial in the shadows on the skin and for awhile it had too much blue on the left side of the face.

Her eyes were an interesting challenge and when I painted them we asked our friend Alexa what her eye color was, since she's Russian. So, Sorscha has eyes inspired by Alexa's eyes!

Her hair was painted black and then I used Kantor Blue mixed with black and white to highlight it up. The sharp edges of the hair made it work really nicely.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with her and she took most of the weekend to paint. I had started her around 3-4pm on Friday and finished her Sunday morning. So, that's something like 10 hours of painting, give or take.

Her videos will air after C'thulhu's run has finished.

Primaris Intercessor - 5 Color Challenge

A few weeks ago Dave (alphadevilinak) on Twitter) put forth a challenge to the #warmongers community; paint a Intercessor Primaris Space Marine using only 1 of each Red, Yellow, Black, White and a Silver.

I was deep into finishing my Admech for the Lonely Havocs battle report and didn't partake, though I wanted to.

While at the convention, Dave donated us some cash to buy some Primaris models and do the challenge at the show. This also allowed me to paint him up for Let's Paint!

For this one I painted him using Mephiston Red, Yriel Yellow, Black, White and Leadbelcher.

After a bit of debate, I decided on a quarters paint scheme in orange and black.

He's now live on YouTube and you can watch him here.

That's pretty much it for this week! Lots of hobby, conversation and games happened. It was an excellent trip and well worth the 9 hour drive.

Now that this is all done, its back to work on the Blood Angels commission and I'm hoping to knock a lot of it out before GenCon. We shall see.

Until next time, you can catch me on Twitter and Instagram, I'll be posting pictures all weekend of my progress and the convention! Check out YouTube for the latest in the Let's Paint series. Plus if you like what I do and want to support the site and my painting endeavors, you can do so over on Ko-fi.

Thanks for reading!