Monday, July 2, 2018

Miniature Monday: Death Company Dreadnought

This big fella is part of an army commission that I am doing for a friend of mine. He's been painted for awhile now, but I have just now gotten nice pictures of him. He, along with the Death Company Chaplain, are the first two models from the commission to be finished.

I have a soft spot for painting Dreadnoughts and this guy was fun to work in. It helped me hone my skill at painting black some more and solidified my technique. 

Let's take a look!

As I mentioned earlier, this guy is all black paint and it helped me level up my ability in painting it considerably. The main reason being all the large flat surfaces, which forced me to work on keeping my paint as smooth as possible.

As with most of my other models, the weathering was done with a sponge. It looks really drastic on this one, due to the black surface which shows every single speck of silver on it too.

For the base I used Astrogranite and some purple tones to give it an interesting alien surface coloring.

It was washed with Druchii Violet and Nuln Oil and then drybrushed with Slannesh Purple, which was also mixed with white for highlighting.

I like the way it looks as is, and probably won't use weathering pigments on this army. I'll decide that for sure later on, after more of the force is painted.

That's pretty much it for now. Now that I'm back from my travels, its back to work on this commission. Expect to see a lot of Blood Angels in my social media feeds!

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