Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Wizardry in Progress 7/18/18

The summer lull continues, as I've had a lot of non-hobby related things happening lately. But I've been slowly making progress on things. After a weekend of house painting, I was able to get some more work done on Takata and started prepping a plinth for Kommander Sorcha.


Takata is coming along nicely. On Monday night I was able to knock his jumpsuit, some more armor panels and the scarf.

Not much to talk about really. Though I do like how the scarf is turning out but it needs a bit more red in it. I'll be picking up a red wash this weekend so I can glaze it with red and see what happens.

I'm aiming for an orange hue and so far it's orangish.  But not the exact color I'm looking for.

GenCon is looming and I only have maybe two weeks to go. I still need to decide on a base and build it as well. Nothing quite like that last minute pressure...

Kommander Sorcha

A last minute addition to my GenCon plans, I have decided that I am going to take Kommander Sorcha with me and enter her into the P3 Grandmaster Painting Contest.

With that in mind, it means I have to come up with a plinth for her that is better than her original one.

I don't know much about Khador or Sorcha, honestly (I'm horrible when it comes to in game fluff). After a bit of searching, I found out that she is an ice caster and thats when an idea hit me.

I would cast a rock or something in clear resin and then make it look like ice!

While wandering around outside looking for rocks, I stumbled upon a chunk of wood. Realizing that the grain of the wood looked like the cliff face of a glacier, another idea hit.

I could use wood instead and make it look like a shard of ice!

I searched around my yard for a nice chunk of wood and eventually found what I was looking for. I broke the piece I wanted off and brought it into work the next day for cutting.

As of now, the mold is curing and on Friday night I'll find out how well wood worked for the mold. I'm hoping that the gloss varnish I sprayed over the wood will help with demolding and that not too many chunks of wood will be stuck in the mold.

We'll find out Friday!

That's it for now. GenCon is quickly approaching, hopefully I'll have everything all set by then.

Until next time, you can catch me on Twitter and Instagram, I'll be posting pictures all weekend of my progress and the convention! Check out YouTube for the latest in the Let's Paint series. Plus if you like what I do and want to support the site and my painting endeavors, you can do so over on Ko-fi.