Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Wizardry in Progress 7/11/18

It's been a slow few weeks on the hobby front ever since I got back from Midwest Miniature Madness in June. Mainly due to vacationing and holidays.

This week saw only one night of hobby and that was only a little bit of assembly time on Sunday and a couple hours of paint time on Monday night, in which I started working on Takata from MidKnight Heroes for the Golden Kobold at GenCon.

So far I'm really liking how his armor is turning out.

I started with a black base coat and built up from there with Stegadon Scale Green, which was then worked up to Sotek Green for the highlighting up to this point.

After the blue was finished, I then glazed the surface with Drakenhof Nightshade to help tie the blues all together and give the black areas a bit more of a blue tinge.

For the eyes I decided to try something new.

I started with a base coat of white and then used Cassandra Yellow wash and filled the socket. I did a few coats and let the recesses really build up to a nice dark shade.

I then used Flash Gitz Yellow and lined the edges of the eyes and the middle of the eye socket. The middle of the eye was then highlighted a bit more with yellow and white mixed together to brighten it up some more before being washed with more Cassandra Yellow.

After looking it over a bit, I felt the face needed something more. So I painted the crack in the eye with yellow and the edging between panels in the forehead with Fire Dragon Bright and Flash Gitz Yellow.

It really made the face pop a bit more!

That's it for now though, There's a lot more left to go, but I'm liking where this is headed.

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