Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Wizardry in Progress 10/31/18

Happy Halloween!

Its a week and a half til U-Con and I'm still toiling away at everything I need for it. This week as seen a flurry of terrain work and a start on the Primaris Marines I need for the Deathwatch side of the armies. It's been a whirlwind of activity and I managed to get a bunch done.

This is a big one, let's take a look!
Deathwatch Primaris Lieutenant 
Back in June, Dan (@thelonelyhavoc on Twitter) and I did a quick 5 color painting challenge using some easy build Space Marine Primaris Intercessors. They came in a 3 pack and we had one left over. since Dan had no use for him, I took him home and stuffed him in a box.

Well, since I am no planning on using Primaris for my primary infantry in my Deathwatch army, I decided to put him to use!

The only problem, his shoulder was molded to his arm.

But thanks to some quick cuts I was able to swap it out for a Deathwatch shoulder pad. I was surprised at how well it actually ended up fitting too.

The last touch was to add a chainsword. All of my squad leaders use them, since they cost zero points in the game.

Since I don't have any Primaris Intercessor kits on hand, I went rummaging through my bitz collection and found a single left handed chainsword. All that I needed to do was cut off the pointing hand and trim off the Blood Angels blood droplet gem on the back of the hand. It ended up working out perfectly and the pose looks great with it!

Promethium Relay Pipes
The pipes are now all painted and rusty! I absolutely love them.

I started working on them the other night, getting all of the accent metals painted and washed.

Thursday night, was able to get the rust effects done while we watched the new Ant-Man movie. I kept them quick and dirty, as they are just terrain pieces, so I wasn't worried about the rust being "perfect".

I started with a drybrush of Ironbreaker. This was followed by a sponging of Mournfang Brown and XV-88. For the darker splotches I used Typhus Corrosion and finally a drybrushing of Ryza Rust.

The copper and brassy/gold sections were dabbed with Nihilakh Oxide along any steel strapping and across the surface.

Finally the blasted pipes were sponged with Vallejo Black Grey and Black Gloss (because I bought it on accident, and it's all I have at the moment). I also painted the inside of the pipes with Black Grey to make it look like the interior was scorched as well.

For the bases, I mixed up some Tuskgor Fur paint with Liquitex Coarse Texture medium to simulate the Martian Ironcrust basing paint that I use on my army's bases. These were then splattered with Martian Ironearth, Agrax and Fleshshade washes to finish them off.

After the washes were dry I drybrushed them with Wild Rider Red and Screaming Skull to pick out the details of the surface texture. Then I drybrushed the broken pipes with black in the craters to simulate blast markings.

They look sweet now!

All that's left for the pipes some sludge effects coming from the broken pipes, but I'm not sure if I'll get to that before U-Con or not.

Frontline Gaming Industrial Pump Jacks
When I ordered the playmat I also ordered a pair of these bad boys. They are the first MDF terrain I've ever bought and I'm pretty impressed with them.

They came shipped in a flat pack all mixed together, so it took a minute to split them into their respective groupings. This was made slightly more annoying, thanks to some of the pieces falling out of boards while I was moving them around. It wasn't a huge deal, just mostly made me worry about losing parts.

They went together really easy, and after the first one I assembled the 2nd without instructions.

One of the things I really like about them is that if you flip the stand for the pump rod, I was able to make one in the up position and one in the down. That's really neat.

These things painted up really nicely.

I spray painted the main building with flat White primer and the metal sections with flat Black primer.

To add a bit more pizzazz to the building, I taped it off and added a Caliban Green stripe to the bottom of it. I also added hazard stripes to the door and edges at the top of each ladder.

I'm really pleased with how they turned out, it was a really simple paint job and all they need now is some dust effects.

One extra thing I did was add some black cardstock behind the windows to block line of sight through them. I'm not a fan of first level windows, especially on windows on an intact building.

Primaris Librarian
Sunday afternoon I picked up the HQ for the demo army, a Primaris Librarian. I had originally planned to use a Primaris Watch Captain for the HQ, but decided that it would be more fun for the Deathwatch player if they had some extra options to play with. Plus, this Libby model is so nice.

I started work on him around 8:30-9pm on Sunday, after I'd finished painting the coarse paint on the bases of the pipes.

To help with coverage, I sprayed some of the pieces black before putting him together. I also painted the inside of his hood black before gluing the helmet into place.

I decided on the helmet for two reasons. One, I can paint it while painting the rest of the armor and Two because I see him without his helmet often and thought it'd be nice to have him helmed instead.

The armor was painted the same way as the Redemptor Dreadnought, only I couldn't remember during which step I glazed it green. After a bunch of searching messages and tweets I gave up finding it. (I really should get back to writing this stuff down in my paint journal).

By the end of Sunday night, most of his armor was painted, the robe had texture to it and the tunic was ready for highlighting. He also has his chapter symbol painted on his Blood Ravens shoulder pad finished.

As of Monday night he was very nearly finished, with some some small details to do, such as the book and keys on his torso, the purity seals and a few other touches. I also need to do some Lit on the edging of the sword too. 

Sector Mechanicus Walkways
One final thing I managed to do this week was paint the walkways for the Sector Mechanicus terrain. To save myself time, I painted them with a stenciling sponge. This did two things, it made it easy to keep the paint on the raised sections of the model and it gave an interesting surface texture.

In order to regain details, the walkways were washed with Nuln Oil and then another layer of light grey, more randomly blotted this time.

Once all the light grey paint was dry, it was time for rust, which was done the same way I've mentioned doing rusty stuff before.

They turned out really well and will look great on the table, especially once I finish the support legs.

But, that's all for now. It was a busy week! U-Con looms and is only 11 days away. Panic hasn't set in yet, but probably will soon.

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