Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Wizardry in Progress 10/3/18

It's time for the the weekly recap that is Wizardry in Progress. This week I finished assembling my Kill Team models in preperation for the league that is starting up at my local shop. I also finished painting the red armor on the Blood Angels Terminator Captain.

Another thing that I did this week was build a spreadsheet for my Kill Team Roster, so I can keep track of my team members and their progress without having to constantly print off new pages when one thing was updated.

Let's take a look!

Blood Angels Terminator Captain

Monday night I finished up the armor for the Blood Angels Terminator Captain.

For this armor I used Rhinox Hide, Mephiston Red, Wild Rider Red, Fire Dragon Bright, Agrax Earthshade and Carroburg Crimson.

The armor was painted with Rhinox Hide spray as a primer and base coat. I then mixed Rhinox Hide and Mephiston Red to start my highlighting, this was followed by a wash of Agrax to tie the brown and red-brown together.

From there I added another layer of my Mephiston/Rhinox mix and then started layering thin coats of Mephiston Red until I was happy with the top highlight.

After that I edge highlighted the armor panels with Wild Rider Red and Fire Dragon Bright.

To finish it up, the whole surface was washed with Carroburg Crimson to tie all the reds and oranges together better.

The whole process was recorded for Let's Paint, where I go over the steps as I'm doing it and then you can see the rest of it take shape over the course of the video.

That'll be soon.

Deathwatch Kill Team

This week a Kill Team league starts up at my local game shop!

I am super hyped to get games in and over the last few nights I have been filling out my starting roster.

I decided to go with Deathwatch for this league, rather than Admech, since I have a bunch of models that I need to use and it let me play around with them.

One of my favorite parts of working on this project as using parts from the miniature for Artemis on three different characters.

That seems to be a growing theme of my Deathwatch, as I've used many limited edition models in the army and cut them up or reworked them. You can see a few of them in the group picture, plus there are a few more not shown.

The first model I used Artemis for was the main body and arms for my Leader. Swapping out his combi-flamer for a storm shield, and his power sword for a xenophase blade.

Artemis' backpack was used on the Veteran Gunner who uses an infernus heavy bolter. I used the hoses from the combi-flamer and the tank on the backpack and tied it to the tank on the IHB.

Because, you never know how much fire you'll actually need.

Finally I used Artemis' head on a regular Veteran. He uses a Boltgun, but I used a combat knife in his off hand to pay homage to the original model.

That's it for now. Tonight I'll be at the game shop learning Kill Team and then playing my first league game.

It should be a good time!

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