Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Wizardry in Progress 11/7/18

U-Con is mere days away and I'm hammering out progress like no one's business! The terrain is all set to go, as is the Primaris Librarian. The only thing left are the Primaris Intercessors, which are coming along nicely.

Primaris Librarian

This fella was finished on Wednesday last week and he is awesome!

I decided to do a magical glow from his hand and some OSL coming off of it. I don't generally do a lot of OSL and was worried about it not working well, but it turned out great.

Since I'd done the glow coming off of the hand, it meant I also needed to do the glow coming off of the sword. This was a bit more tricky, but I think I managed it pretty well, without making it look like the robes are all green.

Overall I'm really pleased with this guy and he looks great on the table. I can't wait to get games in with him.

Terrain for U-Con Completed!

Over the course of the week I was able to get the last pieces finished. Which means all the terrain for my table at U-Con is now all finished and ready to rock for Saturday!

The picture to the right shows the layout that I'm going to be using at the convention. The plan is that the Admech will be on the side with the raise platform and the Deathwatch will be across from them in the tank field.

It should make for a fun game and give both players things to play around with.

Primaris Intercessors

I started on the Deathwatch Intercessors on Monday night and as of Tuesday they are nearly finished.

Since they are infantry, I simplified the paint job a bit and didn't do as smooth a job on layering as I did on the Redemptor and Librarian.

These fella are essentially speed painted. Their silver arms are all drybrushed, the black armor wasn't feathered as nicely as they would be on characters, and the brightest highlights are only on the shoulders and up.

The same goes for the red on the weapons. I'd almost say they they are painted kinda sloppy. But once the detailing is done on them they will look better.

All that's left now is the bases, leather, purity seals and some minor detail work and the shoulder with the chapter emblems.

That should be all done tonight!

Watch Captain Calsius

This week I recieved Lieutenant Calsius in the mail from my friend Dave, who sent me a copy of Warhammer 40,000: Conquest so we could do a friendly head to head painting challenge.

While waiting on other things to dry during the week I decided to get converting him into a Deathwatch character.

The first order of business was to clean off as many of the Ultramarines emblems as I could, which were the knee and the backpack ones.

I decided to leave the scabbard alone and to put the Ultramarine themed purity seals on him. He'll still be an Ultra once he's painted, and I figure that even though he's in the Deathwatch now, he'd still keep his commendations and his scabbard to honor his original chapter.

To give him more of a Deathwatch vibe, I swapped out the power sword for a Deathwatch themed one. To do this, I did all the converting while this part was still on the sprue. The reason being that it would keep the hand and the scabbard in line more easily.

Finally I plopped a Deathwatch shoulder on him and then used a spare Bolt Rifle and put it on his base. This rifle is missing it's clip, the story being that he ran out of ammo and discarded it to make his last stand in melee.

Eventually he'll get his own special diorama base where he'll sit when not in use. I just need to decide what he'll be fighting.

But, that's it for now. Tonight I'm hoping to finish off the Intercessors and start packing up all the stuff I need for the convention.

Keep an eye out on Twitter this weekend to catch all of our antics and updates on how the convention went. I'm sure either Dan or I will have some pics and videos popping up over the course of the day.

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