Monday, February 18, 2019

Miniature Monday - Deathwatch Intercessors

The backbone of my Deathwatch force is the Primaris Intercessors Fortis Kill Team. These guys will eventually be going to battle mixed with some Primaris Hellblasters and Aggressors and armed withe assault weapons so I can keep my mobility up. But, for now, they run alone in two squads of 5 as that is what I needed for U-Con and teaching games.

I'm super pleased with all of them. Let's take a look!

Just like the previous Deathwatch models I've painted, these fellas were painted up with the Stegadon Scale Green and Black mix. The more I use this color scheme, the more and more I am glad I went with it.

These fellas use Auto Bolt Rifles, which are the assault version of their gun. I like to have mobility while still being able to attack, so anything that lets me advance and still shoot is a bonus for me. Generally, advancing and shooting with an assault weapon incurs a -1 to hit penalty. But, once I couple them with Aggressors, that penalty will be negated and these fellas should really shine.

As I mentioned previously in the write up about the Deathwatch Primaris Librarian, I am really running with freehand painting all of the chapter emblems. These boys are no different. Each has their own chapter and I've done my best to replicate their logo.

The chapters are:

Flesh Tearers
Rainbow Warriors
Storm Wardens
Crimson Fists
Imperial Fists
Red Talons
Space Wolves
Sons of Medusa

I'm not sure which one is my favorite, they all turned out so well! I've had a lot of compliments on them and a few people even asked if they were transfers. That was a large confidence booster, lemme tell ya.

I want to continue making as many unique chapters emblems as possible, without doubling up on them too soon. Mostly because I like the idea of the Deathwatch pulling recruits from so many other chapters. So it just makes sense to me that no one chapter should be represented more than another.

We'll see what happens. Eventually I'll have to double up on represented chapters. But, that's it for now. Check below for a showcase video of these fellas and detail shots!

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