Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Wizardry in Progress 2/27/19

Another week gone by and we are now at the end of February! This week I did some major work on the Adepticon display board for the Dreadnoughts army. I also built a few new models and painted up the heroes for Resident Evil 2.

Let's check it out.

Tech-Priest Enginseer
A few weeks ago, I picked up an old metal Tech-Priest Enginseer. I had originally planned on converting an extra one, but felt the need to do the classic model in the army instead.

This week I assembled him. He'll eventually be aiding the Admech and a future Imperial Guard ally force.

Resident Evil 2 Characters
Last week, Friday, we played the first 4 player game of Resident Evil 2. It was a blast!

A few days later I was playing the remake on PS4 and decided to quickie paint the character minis, since we'll likely be playing again this Friday too.

Other than Ada's stockings, these minis are all single color layers and then washed with Agrax Eathshade.

I did this for 2 reasons. The first, the minis are actually light on the details. And second, they are only board game pieces. So there's no real reason to go all out painting them extravagantly.

Overall, they look really good and I'm really pleased with them. Tabletop quality for the win! 

Display Board Progress
This was the big item on today's progress chart. I spent the better part of Sunday and Monday night working on this bad boy.

Sunday consisted of playing with copious amounts of Milliput. I used it to form all the crater and dune effects, as well as fill in some questionable spots in the spray foam.

Monday night I got to work painting the cathedral. For the coloring, I'm painting it in the colors of my Adeptus Mechanicus.

So far it's coming alone nicely, but damn there are details galore on these buildings.

I'll be trying to knock out more of it tonight and then hopefully I can do a Nuln Oil wash on the entire thing and do some weathering this weekend. 

Severina Raine - Counts as Commissar Yarrick
The new hotness from GW this week was Commissar Severina Raine. She's inspired me to do an add-on force of Imperial Guard to fight along side my Dreadnoughts.

Her dataslate is... a little lacking though.

I had hoped she would have been a centerpiece model for the allied force. That's when I had the idea of running her as Commissar Yarrick and having her buff some Basilisks.

Yarrick is a total bad ass and has a cybernetic arm looted off of an Ork Warboss. I knew that if I was doing a count-as model, I would need to do some modifications.

Last night I knocked it out by taking a spare arm from the Kataphron Breachers kit and implanting it in place of her left arm.

I reworked her sword so it was still hung at her hip, as a uniform decoration of status. I then gave her a Storm Bolter in what was originally her sword hand.

One final touch was adding her original bolt pistol to the side of the mechanical arm, since Yarrick carries 3 guns for some reason.

She turned out to be super cool and she's been getting a lot of attention on social media, which always feels great.

Well, that's it for now. Adepticon is less than a month away now. So much to do, hopefully I can get it all taken care of!

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