Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Miniature Monday: Olive Green Kastelan Robot

Alrighty, let's get this Miniature Monday stuff started back up! It's been awhile and there's so much to show off. We're going to start this off with the Olive Green Kastelan Robot. This guy is also the last of the custom headed robots and the first of the running pose robos.

I had originally decided on an olive green and grey color scheme for this one. But, after painting the white and black one I realized that I couldn't really do grey, because it might end up similar to either of those robos. With that in mind, I decided on a green and brown color scheme and that he would resemble WWII era United States tanks, complete with a star and a white stripe.

The white star and stripe really help sell the Army look. I had originally planned on doing the star on his chest along with the stripe but decided to move it to the shoulder instead. This helps break up the green a bit more too.

When it came to battle damage, this robo lost his legs in battle either from a rocket explosion or a landmine of some kind.

One leg was painted as if it was fully replaced and the other replaced at the knee. I think it worked out well, but the brown gets lost a little bit in low light situations and in hindsight I probably should have highlighted it a bit more.

When it came to his eyes, I knew he needed to have yellow ones. The yellow set just seemed to scream WWII to me and once I had the green painted around them I was super happy with that choice.

The running pose was fun to do, but he's broken off his base once and needed to be reattached to it. Generally I am not a fan of large biped walkers in running poses, but I think it works better on the robots than on a dreadnought, especially some of the larger dreads.

Overall I am really pleased with this guy and I tend to use him as a punchy robo, rather than a shooty one. This is mostly because of the running pose and that he looks like he's charging into battle. When he's armed with his gun hands it looks like he's trying to pull off some Max Payne style shenanigans, and I'm not a fan.

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