Thursday, March 19, 2015

WIP: Star Wars: Imperial Assault - Fenn Signis, Mak Eshka'rey, Gaarkhan and AT-ST

Star Wars: Imperial Assault is very nearly finished. I've just finished painting the models and last night I painted their bases and got them all ready for matte spray. That means, tonight I can spray them and then glue on the tufts of grass and we'll be all set to go!

For now, here are the last of the minis. Fenn Signis, Mak Eshka'rey, Gaarkhan and the AT-ST.

I don't have a good finished picture of Fenn Signis, as I was in go mode while working on him and didn't take a lot of pictures of him as I was working on him. He's garbed in a Rebel uniform, similar to the uniforms worn by Luke and Co. during the forest battle in Return of the Jedi. His armor features a patch on his arm which was begging to be painted, so I was able to use a bit of red and the smallest brush I own to create a Rebel insignia on it.

I'm really pleased with the way he turned out, especially the blue scarf, which was a mix of blue, grey and a little green to get the color to kind of match his info card. He was a little fiddley to get painted in some parts though, thanks to the way he holds his gun. But that's an issue with it being a preassembled model, rather than a wargaming build as you
go mini.

Next up we have Mak Eshka'rey, a Bothan. As far as I'm aware, the only thing I know about Bothans is that they stole the plans for the 2nd Death Star and only got a mention in Return of the Jedi. Overall, I think he's my favorite mini of the group. Mostly because he's not a baseline human, and I've always been a fan of sniper types.

He's a slick mini, but suffers the same problem as Fenn, in that painting around his gun was a minor issue. I started his fur with a mix of grey and Reaper factory white, which has a bit of a blue tint to it. His eye piece was painted with Reaper pale green and then yellow was added to make it more fluorescent. Then his jumpsuit was painted with
Reaper wreath green (a limited edition Christmas color) and highlighted.

The last hero we have is Gaarkhan the Wookie.  He was the simplest mini of the bunch, since it was basically brown and drybrush. I started him with dark brown, then added a few black patches all over him. Then I started drybrushing him and after a few coats I added back in more black patches. Finally, I painted the armor and weapon with greys.

Super simple paint job, but he turned out great.

Finally, we have the AT-ST walker. I was kind of intimidated by this guy. Its huge! Plus
its a lot of flat panels and smooth areas.

I began with a spray of black, then followed it up with a base coat of dark grey. Once that was dry, I picked up the raised sections with a mix of dark and medium grey. Then came the highlighting, which was done with progressively lighter greys all drybrushed on to it. The first coat of drybrushing covered most of the mini, then each following coat was moved into areas where only light would hit the surfaces, until the pure white was only on the edges of the model.

That's it! All the minis are now painted! This is the last WIP post for this project. All that is left is to matte coat them and add in my turf patches to give the bases a bit more character.

The next post I'll have on Imperial Assault will be all the studio shots and finished models. That should be up tomorrow, so stay tuned!