Wednesday, October 7, 2015

WIP - SDE: U-Con Set - More Progress

I'm making steady progress on the U-Con set of Super Dungeon Explore stuff. Its actually going along a lot faster than I expected. As of my last update post, I've finished the Pumpkin Patch and Shallow Grave spawning points, Princess Emerald, Fae Alchemist, the Crypt Spiders, Dust Coven Necromancer and Death Spectre. With work in progress now focused on the Witches.

After the Witches are finished, I only have 10 more minis to go and the U Con set will be ready to go! 

As of last night, the witches are getting closer to completion. But I wasn't really feeling them and stopped painting early. I'll be finishing them up tonight though for sure. Unfortunately for me, I may or may not have gotten rehooked on Diablo III..