Monday, January 18, 2016

Custom Space Hulk Token Box

Another token box! Man I love these damn things... I may have a problem.

I actually bought one for Space Hulk at the same time that I picked up the one I used for Forbidden Stars. But after putting the tokens into it, everything except for the Flamer tokens and dice would go in. Those Flamer tokens are kinda big and at first I thought, maybe it wasn't a big deal...

But it was.

So, on my way to play games with my gaming group, I stopped and picked up a larger case. As well as enough boxes (yes plural) for Twilight Imperium 3.

I had a hard time finding images that I liked for the cover. But finally settled on these two. I believe they might be from the newer PC game. But they look nice and will do the trick.
Luckily, I was able to find a .png file of the Space Hulk logo and I didn't need to rebuild it from scratch.

After printing it on some brochure paper and gloss coating it. I cut it out and sprayed the back with spray adhesive, as per usual.

It turned out great too! Everything fits in the box nicely as well. Though I may need to pick up some bubble wrap to help protect the minis a little bit more.