Monday, January 15, 2018

Miniature Monday - Skitarii Vanguard

These fellas have been done for a while, but forgot to take pictures or do a write up on them. I had written about them previously in some of the WIP posts for the entire Adeptus Mechanicus army as a whole. But, they deserve their own post.

This is a full ten man squad of Skitarii Vanguard with their standard issue radium carbines and an omnispex. They were painted with my original copper recipe, before I swapped out the original base color for Screaming Bell and came up with my new copper recipe.

I had thought about repainting the copper areas to make them match. But decided against it and to see how they looked alongside other models.

In the end, it didn't matter much, since the rest of the colors in the recipe were the same and they look similar enough on the table. Plus these are the same colors as the Tech-Priest Dominus and if I repainted them I'd have to repaint him as well.

As I said earlier, they are all equipped with radium carbines, even the Alpha. I did this because I wanted to be able to maximize fire power with the squad, and since I am new to the game I didn't want a bunch of weapon profiles to worry about.

For the most part, this squad is built by the book, without anything special going on, because I built it when I first bought them back when Admech originally released.

The only thing that changed between then and now is that I had originally equipped them with plasma cavaliers, but when I want about painting them I swapped them to radium carbines.

Skitarii models also come with 25mm bases. I'm not a huge fan of them though and felt that they looked better on a 32mm instead.

I took a pile of them and added some terrain to it with green stuff and I also added human skeleton pieces and some other pieces to them to give the bases a bit more interest. They were then painted with Mars Ironearth and Ironcrust to give them some really nice texture.

For painting, they were mostly done in a batch for the coats and copper parts. After that, I started doing them individually and added in details.

For the most part, it was all the same thing, over and over. Though I did add a bit of variation to them by trading out their indicator light and lens colors on their back packs. I got to be pretty quick at doing them as well. Near the end of these guys, I had my green and copper down and could knock out the whole squad from base coats to finished and ready for details in 2 nights.

I'm really happy with them and their green coats look great against the Mars bases. Especially once I gave them a dusting of Secret Weapon pigments to make them look as if the dust of the ground has collected on their legs and coats.

That's it for now. Be sure to check out Twitter and Instagram for up to date progress as it happens. Also, you can catch me on Twitch on Monday and Thursday at 8pm est.