Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Wizardry in Progress 1/31/18

This week, we're still on the Admech train as I work my way through my Adepticon army list. I've finished the black armored robot, the Datasmith, modified a Sydonian Dragoon and started on the next group of Skitarii Vanguard!

Such progress, much wow. Let's take a gander.

Black Armored Kastelan Robot

The black Kastelan Robot was finished up last Wednesday night, while I was hanging out at my local game shop. We had a painting hang out and I packed up a bunch of my gear, the model, his fists and the flamer attachment.

I managed to get both fists painted and the flamer painted in the couple hours we were there. It was a good time.

I also painted the Martian Ironearth onto the base and painted the skeleton that he is stomping on. I had to wait til I was home to do the base washes though, as the Ironearth needed time to dry and crackle

While working on him at the meet up, I realized that the face needed a bit more detail.

I added in a few more scratches to the edge of the eye area to help with the effect. It ended up being a wise choice and makes the scratches really pop now and are a bit more believable.

He's all done now, and so far he's my favorite out of the three robots I've painted so far.

I'll go into more detail and get better pictures of him on a Miniature Monday soon.

Custom Cybernetica Datasmith

Roughly a month ago I built a custom Cybernetica Datasmith, using some Space Marine and Skitarii Vanguard parts on top of the standard Datasmith body.

On Thursday I started painting him up and finished him up on Sunday.

It was fun painting my standard copper and green again after the break that was two giant robots. It also made it feel like I was painting him way too fast, thanks to the massive size difference between a Kastelan Robot and the human size Datasmith.

I had a lot of fun painting his head. I wanted it to be pale, since he's mostly cyborg, and he does have a bit of a unmasked Darth Vader feel to him. For this I started with some Reaper Fair Shadow and then mixed in some Drakenhof Nightshade for the shadowy areas and Reikland Fleshshade for the other areas. I worked back and forth doing thin layers of flesh tones and glazing back over it with the mixed washes to help give skin tone variations.

A final touch for the skin was to add some liver spots to him, to give him a bit of an older look and break up the skin tone a bit more. For this, I mixed in some Rhinox Hide with the Fair Skin paint and then glazed my highest highlight color over top of it to tie it in to the skin.

I wasn't sure what color I wanted to paint the power fist though. I knew I didn't want it copper and I already had a bunch of green on the model's robe. In the end I opted for the bone color I use for the interior of coats and sections of vehicle legs.

It came out looking like a Deathwing power fist in the end, which I am fine with since I do like Deathwing terminators. Though looking back on it, I could have with red like the armor of Techmarines. But I'm happy with the bone colored power fist, it fits with my army's color scheme.

Look for a Miniature Monday post on this guy soon as well.

Sydonian Dragoon 2

During Monday's stream, I started playing with the next Sydonian Dragoon.

I love that model, but I do have a couple problems with it too.

First off, there are a ton of thin pieces on it. Just handling it on Monday, I accidentally snapped a foot rest off of it and the other side isn't far behind him.

The other is that the arm holding the taser lance is molded as one piece.

I decided that I wanted the 2nd dragoon to hold the lance resting on his shoulder. So I cut up the original arm and lance as well as a Ranger arm that was shouldering his galvanic rifle and kitbashed them together.

The end result was pretty believable, but the butt of the lance is pretty shaky. I'll need to make sure I glue it to the hand rail of the walker too, so it doesn't break off.

I also mounted a terrain piece onto the base and gave it a bit of green stuff for surface variation and places for the feet to sink into.

That's pretty much it for that guy. I should be starting on him soon.

Skitarii Vanguard Squad 2

After a bunch of one off models I figured it was time to get to work on my other group of 10 Skitarii Vanguard. I started them on Tuesday night and managed to knock out quite a bit of work on them.

All of the copper for their armor plating is done and their coats are base coated and washed, though there are a few spots of green that need to be touched up.

I also have been recording the progress on them, because I want to see how much time it actually takes to get through the squad.

So far, I'm sitting at about 2.5 hours to get to this point.

On Thursday's stream, I'll be working through the pressure suits before getting started on the green parts of the coats.

Usually what I do on these guys is work through as many things as I can as a batch, before moving on to individual models for details.

If I try to do then in batches on details, I always miss things. So it's easier to just batch it and then individualize it.

Come by the stream on Thursday and watch the progress unfold.

That's it for now. It's been a pretty productive week.

Tonight, I'm headed to the game shop for our weekly painting hang out and will be working on some terrain. You can see progress from that on Twitter and Instagram.

Until next time!