Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Wizardry in Progress 1/24/18

Another Wednesday means another Wizardry in Progress!

This week, I was still neck deep in Warhammer 40,000 territory and managed to get a 5 man squad of Sicarian Infiltrators mostly magnetized and I am nearly finished with painting another Kastelan Robot.

Lets take a look.

The progress chart for the Adepticon army is slowly filling up! Not much left to go, can he do it?

Sicarian Infiltrators

I mentioned these fellas a few weeks ago and now I can happily say that they are now magnetized for power swords and stubcarbines, which I feel may end up becoming their standard load out for most games.

I also have some new arms that I bought on eBay, so I can glue their taser goads and flechette blasters together with them and add magnets to those arms as well.

One thing I was concerned about was making sure that each arm was usable on every body, so I didn't need to worry about matching arms to any body. Which meant I needed to pay attention to polarity of every arm and shoulder socket.

It wasn't a huge deal, really, and after awhile I got into a groove. Eventually, I was even able to drill to the correct depth without having to check it.

So that's it for them, for now. Hopefully I can get them painted up soon. But right now I'm knee deep in robo painting territory.

I really should do their bases and get the models primed and glued to them sooner, rather than later.

There's not a lot of room in the feet for pins, so having them attached to their bases will make painting them a bit easier.

Kastelan Robot

The hoard of robots grows.

As of last Thursday I began working on the next robot in the batch. I had written a list of color schemes for the various robots, but I wasn't really happy with the one I had planned for the red eyed one.

After debating with myself and brainstorming ideas. I decided on a black armor color scheme with red replacement parts. The left shoulder, front chest panel, lower abdomen panel and right knee cap would all be painted in a dark red, with scratch marks in the black paint.

As of last night. I managed to get him mostly all finished.

All of his armor plating and details are done and I finished his shooty hands and the shoulder mounted cannon.

While I was painting the hands, I decided to dullcote the body too.

After the dullcote dried, I was checking out the face and I really liked the frosted look it gave the glass. It ended up looking like it was slightly sandblasted and weathered.

With that in mind, I thought I'd give gloss coating the scratches a try and see how that turned out.

I painted the 'ardcoat on all of the scratches that I had painted previously and then lined the bottom edge with white. It ended up looking stellar and I'm really pleased with the mix of dull and glossy.

I hadn't put bones on the base for the blue robot, and felt that this one needed some. For the base I knew I wanted him to have a decent size skeleton on it, to tie it to the rest of my army.

Then I had the idea of having the robot standing on top of the rib cage, to sell the idea that the robots don't care what they trod through.

I cut up a Reaper Bones skeletal archer and then glued his head, part of a rib cage with arm and a leg to the base and went to work with green stuff to bury it in the ground.

When the green stuff have stiffened up suitably, I primed it with Citadel Chaos Black and Army Painter Dragon Red and then started slathering on the Martian Ironcrust technical paint.

I then glued the robot on the base, and was all set to let it dry. But then I realized that the back of the foot was on a leg bone and making him lean too far forward. So I popped him off the base and cut away the leg piece and plopped him back on the base.

That's pretty much it for now. I still need to finish the fisty weapons and the flamer, which should be done tonight. 

That's it for now. Next up I'll be taking a break from Robots and starting on my custom Cybernetica Datasmith instead.

As usual, you can see all my progress during the week on Twitter and Instagram.