Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wizardry in Progress 1/17/18

Welcome to Wizardry in Progress, my weekly recap of projects and progress over the past week.

This week, a Kastelan Robot has taken up most of the hobby time. Lets take a look!

First off, all of the heads are now cast, and I managed to get them all cast without having to make a new mold, before it died.

The yellow eyed one proved to be the hardest one to get right out of the batch. I'm not sure if it is because I was trying to rush it, or if it was because the paper clip that was pinned to it was bent in an odd way.

I had trouble getting it to sit properly in the mold and I ended up having to play with it after the resin was poured too, which didn't help matters.

The head ended up being off center and tilted back a bit more than it should have been. Also, bubble of air got stuck under the eyes. It was slightly disappointing, but it'll have to do since I don't have any more heads.

Hopefully the bubble isn't super noticeable once I get the scratches on the lenses.

With the heads all cast, I started building bodies for them. I've only gotten two of them put together though and I haven't magnetized them yet.

For these two, I decided to build them with the out-of-the-box leg positions, since the other four I built are all custom positioned, the other two will have custom leg positions, one running and one with his leg on a dune.

After those were taken care of, I decided it was time to get painting on one of them.

I grabbed one of the unhelmed ones and got to work.

For this one I decided to try out a color I hadn't used before, Stegadon Scale Green and then mixed in some Sotek Green to add more contrast.

The edges were painted with straight Sotek Green and then a mix of Sotek Green and Lothern Blue. The edges proved to be a pain in the ass as well, because they are rounded and not sharp corners. I'm not super happy with them, but it'll have to do.

Each of the robots will have "spare parts" on them, as if they were rebuilt using pieces from other robots. I'm not going to go overboard on a lot of them though, at the most I may have a robot with three different colors of armor plates.

On this one I went with a brown/bone color as the secondary. His left arm, left back plate, the cover of his backpack and his lower leg are all done in this color.

But before I could get started with those areas, the areas where the two colors meet has been weathered with a sponge with Leadbelcher, Black and Stormhost Silver, to give it a pitted and blasted look.

Once that was ready, I started base coating the bone areas with Rhinox Hide.

From there it was mixes of Rhinox Hide, Steel Legion Drab and Ushabti Bone, and they were painted on in a similar way to the blue, with stark contrast.

Once the main body was painted, I got to work on the arm and shoulder attachments and the base. But not before I painted the eyes, which I went for a bright green and added a bit of OSL to him to make them look like they were lighting the upper chest a bit too.

I managed to knock it all out last night and he looks excellent! I still need to seal him yet, but that'll have to wait until I get some more dullcote.

That's it for now. It's time to start on another one, this time I'll be working on one with a recast head.

Check back next week to see whats on the table! You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram, where you can see everything as its being worked on.