Monday, March 19, 2018

Miniature Monday - Black Kastelan Robot

The second robot to be finished, the black one was a blast to work on and I learned a lot from it, one of which was that I apparently have painting black figured out. Before I painted this fella, I dreaded painting black, and never seemed to be able to get it really figured out.

This one was also the first robot with one of the recast heads on him, this one being the red eyed one. All in all, I love how he turned out.

Let's check it out!

The black robot has red replacement parts, the idea being that he was in battle with some large monster, presumably a 'nid of some kind, and he sports claw marks across the face, chest, shoulder and right leg.

He was painted in the same fashion as the blue robot, in that I painted the main color of his body first and then weathered it all before moving on to the replacement parts.

For the black armor plating, I painted him Black and then mixed in some Dark Reaper, before highlighting it further with Dark Reaper and edge highlighting it with Vallejo Neutral Grey, some high highlights were added in spots with white to really push contrast as far as possible as well.

The armor was sponged with Leadbelcher, before the scratch marks were added in.

To do the scratches, I took my #1 brush and loaded it with Leadbelcher and made slashing passes with the brush, trying to start thin and let the brush hit more surface area as it passed.

To deepen the scratches I then painted thin black lines along the top of them, as well as a few other spots, to make the surface seem slightly more gouged. This was followed by some white lines and dots along the bottom of the scratches for highlighting.

Once the black armor plates were finshed, I could start on the red armor sections.

For this model, the replacement parts were the front chest piece, shoulder, part of his forarm, lower chest plate and right knee cap.

These were painted with Rhinox Hide, followed by a mix of Rhinox Hide and Khorne Red, highlighted up to Khorne Red, Mephiston Red and Evil Sunz Scarlet (I believe, I honestly can't remember and never took pictures of the list of paints).

After I finished the red sections, they were then sponged with Leadbelcher for some light weathering as well.

One section of the mini that I wasn't sure what to do with it was the glass of the helmet.

Originally, I had it all glossy and you could see everything inside the helmet nicely. I also tried painting scratches on top of it, but the effect wasn't really there. I decided to matte coat the model and return to it later.

After matte varnishing the model, it kind of frosted the glass and I had the idea of gloss coating the scratches to see what that looked like instead.

It looked really good! But still needed something else. So I painted black lining along the top of the scratches and white lining along the bottom of them, like on the armor plating, and the effect popped to life!

After adding a few more scratches to the edges of the glass, I was super pleased with it and now this is easily my favorite part of the model.

That's pretty much it for now, check out the detail pictures and 360 degree video below.

You can find more great projects as they happen on Twitter and Instagram and as always thanks for reading.