Monday, March 5, 2018

Miniature Monday - Sydonian Dragoon

The last Sydonian Dragoon is all finished and its time for a legit write up on him!

He had a bit of conversion work and was a blast to paint up. It also seemed to take less time to do than the first one, probably because I had the previous paint job to use as reference and didn't have to figure out what parts needed to be which colors.

The main thing I wanted to do with this model was make sure that he was holding his taser lance in a different position than the first model. There's not a ton of room for customization on this guy, the legs are pretty static and the taser lance is held in one position attached to an arm.

That meant it was time to do a bit of cutting.

I really liked the idea of having the lance resting on his shoulder and after a bit of creative cuts and splices I was able to make it happen. But there wasn't really a good way to pin it together, so that meant having to rely on plastic glue to bond it and praying that it stayed in one piece...

The lower section did snap off a couple of times.

For painting, I started with the base and made sure that it was finished before starting on the model itself. That way, when it was finished, I could stick it to the base and have a better hand hold without the need to worry about touching the model too much during painting.

The model was then painted starting with the legs and feet. Once they were all done and weathered, I glued it to the base and got to work on the rest of the model.

For the most part, the colors match up OK compared to the rest of the original chicken walker. The bone color is slightly different and the copper is completely different. But the green is spot on and the base is consistent with the rest of the army.

I'm really pleased with how this one turned out and the more I use them in games, the more I like them. I'll probably buy couple more eventually so I can field two groups of two.

That's it for now. Below you will find a Let's Paint video of this guy and some close up pictures.

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