Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Wizardry in Progress 3/28/18

Adepticon is over and great times were had by all. After nearly a week of no hobby, it is time to get back on the hobby train and knock out new projects.

I'm excited to see fresh things that aren't my Adeptus Mechanicus for a while. Though I am not abandoning my army for new things, I did learn a lot about them and how they play. I now know where my weaknesses are in the list and in my play style. In time, I'll make additions to the list and try to make them better.

Anyway, its time for Wizardry in Progress. This week I started working on a terrain commission for my FLGS. It'll be a fairly quick tabletop paint job, But it should be fun.

Let's take a look.

A month or so before Adepticon I was asked by the owner of my local shop if I could do a painting commission for them and do new terrain.

This all came about due to a tournament we had, that very same day, and we were desperately low on terrain to make the tables interesting.

I agreed and walked out of the shop with a giant pile of product to paint up.

The kits were, a Manufactorium, 2 Galvanic Magnavents, a Ferratonic Furnace, an Alchomite Stack, a Heamotrope Reactor, a Citadel Wood and a Garden of Morr.

Last night I got started assembling the industrial terrain and got them all built fairly quickly.

These kits go together really nicely and quick too. They should be pretty fast paint jobs as well.

One thing I noticed after I finished assembling everything, my vats fit nicely into the center of the standard Galvanic Magnavent catwalk too! That's exciting and makes me want to pick up a few of these kits for myself.

That's it for now though. You can keep tabs on the progress of this project on Twitter and Instagram.

Expect much more of these pieces in the coming days.

Thanks for reading!