Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Wizardry in Progress 3/14/18

It's the last Wednesday before Adepticon, the pressure is on to get projects finished and everything ready to go.

I can happily report that my Admech army is now finished and ready for games. Let's take a look at what has happened in the last week.

Army Robo
First things first, this week I finished the green robo and got him all set to go.

I really like how he turned out, though at a distance it is hard to make out that his legs are brown.

Also, I didn't remember to dust him with weathering pigments. But that's been fixed.


The final robot is probably one of my favorites.

All along the plan was to paint him up like C-3PO from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, especially the red arm.

Originally, I was going to mash up A New Hope and The Force Awakens and give him a silver right leg too. But up until this point no robo had more than 1 replacement color.

He was also going to be gold too. But I decideded on yellow instead, because the metallic armor plating would look out of place next to all of the others.

When this was decided, that meant the silver leg had to go as well, which I'm not really sad about.

To keep the contrast high, I started with a base coat of XV-88 and used Averland Sunset as my first highlight color.

From there I added in some Yriel Yellow as the main highlight and edged with Flash Gitz Yellow, before glazing the panels with Cassandra Yellow.

The red arm was base coated in Rhinox Hide (big surprise), Khorne Red, Evil Sunz Scarlet and an edge of Wild Rider Red. I then dialed up the red some more by glazing Mephiston Red over everything.

It worked like a charm!

That's pretty much it, he's all set to go and the robos are all finished for now. I do have some ideas for more later, but now its on to new things.

A Finished Army!

Here's a quick family photo of the entirely painted army that I am taking to Adepticon!

I've already played games with it in partially painted form, over the last few months. But it is nice to finally see everything together for the first time.

Display Board Progress

After the yellow bot was finished, I started working on the display base.

The main board is a piece of 1/2" MDF, the white section is foamcore with holes in it to act as craters and then I added a small hill for the rangers to sit on and snipe from.

I'll be playing with laying out the models a bit before deciding a final layout and then making some dunes with green stuff or milliput, before painting it.

The end is near!

And that's it for now. Adepticon is a week away and there's still so much to do. Will I get it finished? Check back next week. Til then, you can see all my progress on Twitter and on Instagram.

Thanks for reading!