Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Wizardry in Progress 5/1/19

The Legion continues to grow. This week I worked on just one squad of Death Korps of Krieg Engineers. I'll be using them as Veterans in my Steel Legion army and they will be played as paratroopers and supporting my main force with Valkyries.

Other than that, on Monday night I started building a new terrain piece, based off of a sketch I made of a small two story house.

Let's check it out!

New House Build
On Monday night, I decided to take a break from painting models and try my hand and scratch building a house.

Earlier in the day we had a slow period at work and I doodled a little two-story house for fun. I'd thought that maybe I'd eventually build it, but hadn't planned to any time soon.

As it turns out the bug to craft it bit me and I couldn't stop thinking of it.

The house is made of foam board and originally I had intended to build it with the 2nd story with an overhang on two sides. While drawing it out on the foam board, I decided to only do the front of the house as an overhang instead, and I'm glad I did.

I also decided to add a patio to the 2nd floor. I hadn't planned on that originally though and because of this the center wall (which was originally the other outer wall) was too short.

I'll need to figure a work around for that.

The last thing I did while working on it was to do the wood plank flooring of the patio.

For this I took a piece of the thickest plasticard I had on hand and scored lines on it. I then used some #3 steel wool and some 60 grit sand paper to make some grain lines in it.

It seemed to work well, we'll see how it looks after paint. 

Steel Legion Veterans
I don't care if this is a good idea or not. But I love paratroopers. Band of Brothers and the 101st Airborne are the ultimate bad asses and I wanted some kind of airborne unit for my army.

After digging around on Battlescribe, I realized that I could do a drop unit that uses meltas and shotguns. Their objective would be to ride in Valkyries until they were in range of their target, then jump out and harass my opponent's back field.

I chose Veterans because they are more inline with my idea that these are specialized troops. It also helps that they have a slightly better statline.

I had originally thought of using them as Scions, but the lack of weapon options nixed that idea.

I really wanted shotgunners.

When it came time to paint them I was stuck on what to do for their color scheme. Luckily thanks to The Lonely Havocs, I was was able to break out of that rut. Dan suggested that I painted them up as Black Ops/Spec Ops with black uniforms.

Now, black is not great on the table top. From far away it looks like a blob. But I was able to solve that problem by playing with different greys and browns.

On their uniform, I painted all the cloth clothing with Vallejo German Grey. This ties them to the main force, which also has German Grey pants.

The leather gas masks, boots, gloves and other pieces were all painted with a mix of Rhinox Hide and Black. This was then highlighted with Rhinox Hide and Gothor Brown.

Finally, all of the armor plating was done in the same color as their helmets. Which is a mix of German Grey and Castellan Green.

The overall effect gives them a nice dark look, without going solid black. It does nudge them into more standard DKoK territory. But that's ok.

I still need to mark their helmets with a code to differentate them from other veterans I will be running. I haven't decided on that yet.

I also need to come up with a unit name. I've been borrowing naming conventions from WWII US army and it's been working well. I'm currently stumped.

But that's all for now. I hope I can get them magged up soon and get some games in with them. I still lack the Valkyrie, so for now I'll be using my Corvus Blackstar as a counts as model for them.

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