Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Wizardry in Progress 5/29/19

I've dialed back the miniature painting a little bit this week, the plan is to slow down the work load and take a bit of a break from painting as much. I've been painting non-stop since before Adepticon and have finished almost an entire army in the time since.

I'm not going to stop completely, but as of now the plan is to paint on Monday nights, and do other things in my free time for a bit.

This week, I painted and finished two models. One was a new commander for the Steel Legion, while the other was a Chaplain in Terminator Armor.

Let's check them out!

Company Commander, Lord Flash
Twitter is an amazing thing. Over the years my world has gotten progressively smaller and small, thanks the hobby and meeting folks from different countries. Part of knowing people from overseas is you're introduced to pop culture from other cultures, one of which is Blackadder in the UK.

Over the years I've seen gifs of a character named Lord Flashheart. I never knew the name, or the show he was from. But it was always funny. A few weeks ago I found a miniature based on him. While I'd never watched the show, I did like the look of him and he fit right in with my Steel Legion, so I ordered him up to use as a Commander!

Grumann, Chaplain in Terminator Armor
I've always loved Terminators. I don't have a lot of nostalgia for Space Hulk or early editions of Warhammer 40,000, I've just always thought they looked really cool.

When my buddy Gru offered to pick me up the collector's edition Terminator Captain and Chaplain for store openings, I couldn't resist!

Both of them have been sitting on a shelf for awhile, since I'd switched to Deathwatch dreadnoughts and didn't have a purpose for them.

Since I've started on Steel Legion, I've always liked the idea of my Deathwatch coming down to help them in battle and that gave me a reason to use the Chaplain!

I decided to build a deep strike support detachment of Terminators to come in on turn two or three and shore up my beleaguered Imperial Guard.

When doing this list, I don't use my chimeras. The theme is that the guardsmen are pinned down by an enemy force and awaiting reinforcements. This means I need to protect my boys for as long as possible, because they are super squishy outside of their metal boxes. But it should be a fun list to play.

Anyway, say Hi to Grumman Chaplain of the Blood Angels. He's been named after Gru and he is a Blood Angel because that is the faction of Space Marines Gru plays, just like the Chaplain Venerable Dreadnought being Gregor of the Black Templars.

He's seeing battle tonight vs some Dark Eldar scum!

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