Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Wizardry in Progress 5/22/19

This week was all about getting the Valkyrie finished. I feels like I've been working on this thing for ages (even though it's only been about a week).

This baby is covered in freehand and fanciness.

Let's check it out.

Valkyrie Troop Transport
This fella is a beauty and I am so glad I decided to pick one up. Even after it was originally built and unpainted I loved the look of it.

Last week I did all of the main body painting the polarized canopy glass and the wing markings.

This week, I finished off the weathering on the undercarriage and did a bunch of freehand markings, including a pin-up nose art and then all of the rest of the vehicle markings.

The nose art was really fun. For it, I recreated the artwork from The Refreshments album, Fizzy, Fuzzy, Big and Buzzy. It was a real challenge and it took a bit of work to get her face to work out.

I do love how it turned out and it's become a bit of a calling card now.

For the vehicle markings I based them on the C-47 from WWII. The nose was marked as 4A, it is plane B in its squadron and the serial number is 9600227.

The serial number is a reference to the album as well, which is the original release date of the album.

The pilot and co-pilot are another Refreshments reference. The pilot is Roger Clyne and the co-pilot is P.H. Naffah. Both members of the band and founding members of its successor, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers.

Once all of the art and markings were finished I did some more weathering on the new paint with sponges and some drybrushing to make it all tie together.

I was very careful not to go overboard on the nose art. I did that on the Mortis Dreadnought's leg and was super bummed about it getting overly obscured.

So for this one I let the drybrush do the the heavy lifting, with only a few dabs of the sponge for minor chipping.

It worked out nicely and ties the paint to the body of the plane, without being too weathered and ruining the paint job.

All of the landing gear has been weathered with my standard beaten metal weathering style. Which is Leadbelcher sponged with black and Stormhost Silver over top. And all the metal sections are just a quick no-frills drybrush of Leadbelcher.

For the base, I added a bit of texture to it, with cork and some green stuff.

In order to get the look I wanted, I needed to snap the flight stand off of the base and do some of the painting before I glued it back on. I'd never done a flying model before and didn't even think about needing to keep the stand from getting paint or varnish on it.

Next time, I'll definitely leave it separate and do all my basing and base painting before I glue it on.

The Valkyrie is now finished and battle ready! Can't wait to get it into a game, but that's probably next week.

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