Saturday, October 6, 2012

Relic Knights - Princess Malya and Kisa GET!

Today I got two new minis from Soda Pop! Both are current releases of their Relic Knights line, and made of pewter. These models don't have any rules attached to them, since they were produced before the final game has been completed. But, I didn't get them for playing, I got them for painting and displaying.

Relic Knight Princess Malya & Mr Tomn on the left & Questing Knight Kisa & Scratch on the left

A couple months ago, while I was backing the Reaper Miniatures Kickstarter campaign, I noticed a guy talking about this company called Soda Pop Miniatures and how they were doing their own Kickstarter campaign for their new game Relic Knights. So, I hopped over to the page to check it out. I was instantly sold on the idea of Relic Knights. It's a skirmish style table top game, but rather than Dark Fantasy, or 40k styled Sci-Fi, it's all about fast paced anime style action. It's heavy on the sci-fi genre, but there are a bunch of different genres covered within it. Such as Space Pirates, School Girls, Racers, Demons, etc. Lots of anime niches and cheesecake babes in there too.

The faction that instantly grabbed me was the Cerci Speed Circuit. They are the racers, and all of their models are sleek and brightly colored. I knew that if I were to get into the game, that's the faction I would be playing.

The following weeks all of us backers were talking about the game, terrain boards, paint schemes etc. And it made me really want to make a full on game board for it (which I've been slowly planning). But After a while of working on the design, I realized I didn't have anything from the RK line that I could use as a size reference. Thus, I ordered these two minis. Malya, because I really like her and her Relic and wanted to paint her up. And Kisa, because I thought the mini looked cool and her cypher, Scratch, is going to be getting painted up to look like my cat Cleo.

So ya, I'm pretty hyped for RK. And hopefully my Cerci themed board, based on Neo Tokyo from Akira, takes off and become reality. If you want to read up on RK and the game you can find a bunch of info on their Kickstarter page or you can snoop around their website too.

I'm working on gluing these together and once they are set I'll have to find time to paint them. But as soon as they are done, I'll be posting them here.