Monday, October 1, 2012

Well, Let's Hop Right Into This...

Well, lets hop right into this and I'll get the layout rolling later. Where to begin... this isn't the first blog I've made over the years, but I think this IS the first time I've had any good reason to actually make one. I'm surprised I never thought about setting this up before, really. This blog is dedicated to my second longest life-long hobby, miniature painting and conversions.

I've been playing tabletop RPGs since about 1990 or so, which would make me about 8 at the time. Now it's 2012 and I've been painting these little things for at least 20 years now. While all of my friends and cousins have gotten frustrated and given up on painting, I've kept at it and am now the go-to guy in our group for doing the job. Most of the time I am given a new figure for their new player characters and told "make it look cool".

I've currently got multiple projects going and will be adding progress for each as I go along. I'm working on painting up the Super Dungeon Explore set, which I have posted progress pics up on Soda Pop's forums and you can see the progress thus far, I'll post new pics on here too though. I have a diorama project going based off of Reaper's Bones Kickstarter. Not to mention, I have 2 Relic Knights models on order from Soda Pop, which will be used for scale references for a full on terrain table... but I have not yet even seen a shipping notification for them.

But, tonight's project is a new arrival. I'm working on a mini for my Pathfinder Rogue/Fighter. He's a half-drow archer named Silas. I plan to set him up on a scenic base, more for display than for gameplay. Since we are playing this campaign via Roll20.

Fresh from the mail, I've been eyeing this guy for awhile and have been wanting a reason to use him.
After a trip to the craft store to buy a new Razor Saw, I've cut him from his plain base. Now I just need to clean him all up and build the scenic base for him. Once that's done I can start painting everything up.

So far, that's all for tonight. But hopefully I'll have more progress to post later on.