Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Silas WIP - More Reeds

Still slowly working on the base for Silas. I added the rest of the reeds to the water and am drying out a twig to use as a log. The Envirotex hasn't shown up yet, so I have plenty of time to decide on things before I pull the trigger and pour the varnish over it all.

In case you were wondering how I am keeping the broom bristles standing straight while they dry, without the need to hold them up in place the entire time. It's pretty simple actually. I just hang them upside down once the Elmer's glue is tacky enough to keep them in place.

Reeds hanging upside down.
You may have noticed that the rock now has some sand on it. I've decided to make it appear mossy and I glued some sand onto it and will be painting it various shades of green. Also the reeds will be at least washed/inked to give them some color. Possibly brown/greens. I'm not sure yet.

Reeds standing up!
Now I need to set up some static grass and I may take a couple more bristles and cut them to resemble twigs on the ground. I think I'll mix up some regular grass and some scorched grass to give it a bit more variety in the color too. More progress to come, this base has me excited to push my limits.

On another note. I am working on a rather large project for a friend of mine and while I was searching for tools I noticed something hanging in the ceiling of the basement...

Zombie Cheerleaders!
ZOMBIE CHEERLEADERS! I don't remember when i hung those up there. But I do remember that they came with some other Games Workshop minis that I had ordered and they were included as a freebie... or at least, I didn't order them and somehow they ended up in my shipping box.

I really should use those ladies as undead flesh practice. Seeing as there is a set of zombies coming from Tre Manor's Red Box Kickstarter and I can't paint those until I'm sure I have the look of rotten flesh down.