Friday, October 19, 2012

Silas WIP - Mossy Ground Added and Envirotex GET!

Today I came home to a package in the mail, and it was my Envirotex Lite! So once I get done with the rest of the base I can take a crash course in mixing resin based varnish, yay... I'm really hoping it will give it the look others have achieved with it. Because, if not, I'll have wasted countless hours crafting this base for nothing.

Instant Water Effects!

Also, today I continued working on the base and decided that I needed to add some moss to the ground to better tie it to the rock. So I glued some more sand onto the base and let it set up. Once I was confident it wasn't going anywhere I followed the same steps I took on the rock to get a uniform look to the moss. I think all that is left now is to add some grass and paint the reeds and I can get to FINALLY painting the miniature itself.

Here's some progress pics:

More sand!
Base Coated Dark Green
Ink Washed, and Highlighted
Silas in place (front view)
Silas in place (side view)
I really, really hope that I don't screw up the water section... it would be a sad day indeed. But, if it turns out right, this is going to be the best scenic base I'll have ever done! And that's exciting.