Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The State of Brush Wizard 2015

Now seems like as a good a time as any to go over the state of my little blog and what I I'm planning for the future. This past year has been going really well for projects and I have no sign of crafter's block coming anytime soon. In fact, the complete opposite has happened and I'm drowning in ideas currently and have a bunch of projects ongoing. That said, I made up a bit of a to-do list of the projects, with no set order I'm hoping to complete them in. Some of these have been mentioned before, others haven't.

In no particular order:
  • The Great Cyclopean Gemstone Heist! (DONE!)- This is my current project and it's inching ever closer to the finish. I'm currently sitting on a near finished base and the 2nd painting for the back wall is ready for paint.
  • Space Hulk (DONE!) - The Genestealers are done and the Terminators have been base coated, washed and recoated with Khorne Red but still need highlighting. The Terminator Librarian's Blue Armor is finished. I'm planning to hop back on them after the Museum is finished.
  • Super Dungeon Explore: Caverns of Roxor (DONE!) - The Rocktop Turtles are done along with their spawning point. Need to paint the Fireflow Denizens and the Heroes yet. The Fireflow dudes will need to be all painted in one giant conga line of fire, since I'm picky on color matching later.
  • Pinned Down, Taking Fire (DONE!) - Pinned Down is a new project idea involving a pair of modern soldiers that I picked up from Hasslefree Miniatures. The plan is to paint them up and have then ducking for cover behind a dilapidated brick wall. I think I want to do this after Caverns of Roxor.
  • Dragons Don't Share - I need to get this painted before the end of the year. It's a great self contained diorama from Reaper Miniatures. It'll also be the largest project display piece to date when I finish it.
  •  Relic Knights - Black Diamond Cadre - These guys are all assembled, but I'm not really digging the base inserts anymore. Which means I need to find a safe way to remove them from the bases and the models from the base inserts. Also I need to assemble Sophia Drake yet too. If I plan on going to Adepticon next year, I need to have this finished before then.
  • Super Dungeon Explore: Van Drakk Manor (DONE!) - With the arrival of Forgotten King, I can finally paint the models for Van Drakk Manor, since I was waiting for the Pumpkin Patch spawning point to arrive. 
  • Hayadi and the Ice Golem - This small display piece has been on hiatus for a long time. It's a mini for my Pathfinder Ice Sorcerer Hayadi and his Ice Golem pet. The Ice Golem is finished, but Hayadi hasn't been touched yet. I also need an idea for his base, which I am now leaning towards a glacier of some kind or a rocky, icy and snow covered mountain side.
  • Nektali and Blood - Nektali is my ratfolk ranger from Pathfinder and Blood is his wolf animal companion. I'd been planning this project since Reaper's Bones 2 Kickstarter announced ratfolk minis. But with everything else I've been doing, I haven't had a chance to start on it. I do have the minis on hand now though.
  • 40k Chess - 40k Chess is an idea for a custom made chessboard featuring Blood Angels Space Marines and Tyranids. It will require a lot of miniatures and some fancy woodworking.
  • Kickstarter Sophie - Kickstarter Sophie is a limited edition mini from Reaper's first Bones Kickstarter. I had started her a long long time ago and she was one of the first minis I wrote about on here. But, I got frustrated with assembling her bike and gave up on it. I also didn't have a good idea of working in a metallic purple for her bike's paint job. I really need to finish her though.
  • Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King - The goods from this Kickstarter keep rolling in and it's possibly more minis than the base set, Roxor and Van Drakk combined. I have no idea when I'll finish them all. But damn it will feel good when it happens.
  • Terror of the Deep - This is a display piece I'm planning to use my Bones 2 Kraken for. I haven't hammered out all of the details. But the general idea is that I want to use a football display case and detail the base of it like an ocean floor with water effects on the top for waves. I've decided that I want to put a Aircraft Carrier on the top with the Kraken pulling it under.
  •  Thor - Since I finished Captain America, I've been looking through Reaper's catalog for minis that could be used for Thor, even if I needed to do some heavy modifications. So far, I've not had much luck. Either they have beards or their armor isn't jiving right. I will win this battle eventually.
  • Khanjira Attacks! - Khanjira is the new kaiju mini from Reaper Miniatures. He's a massive beast and he'd probably work perfect for a Terrasque encounter in D&D. But, I have a different idea for him. Basically it'll be a large scale display piece in the same vein as Dragons Don't Share. Hopefully I can pull it off.
So thats... 15 projects? 12 of which involve more than one miniature in them? Three featuring large scale monsters. Nine of them with more than 10 minis total....

Man, I really shouldn't have written this up.