Friday, April 24, 2015

WIP: The Great Cyclopean Gemstone Heist! - Painting #2

It's back to work on the Great Cyclopean Gemstone Heist and I'm currently drawing out the second painting.

This one was originally going to be a recreation of the cover for the D&D 3rd Edition book "The Hero Builders Guidebook" by Brom.  But I wasn't really digging the idea of painting 3 more people and in close to the same set of colors.

Instead I decided that it would be fun to do the cover of the original Ravenloft adventure. It was the same rough size as the other piece and
it's a different set of colors completely. Plus it's Ravenloft, which I've always been interested in, but admittedly never have played.

So far I've gotten something like 3/4 of the way through the preliminary drawing. It's slow going, since I need to measure it all out and play connect the dots with my measurements. I did do a bit of cheating
though and cropped the image a little, removing the column with the vines on it part of the right wall. But it still looks good and should work well.

Also, I was interested to see how much time I actually will end up in this painting. So I started clocking in and out when I start and stop. So far I'm about 6 hours in.

Tonight I should have the drawing done. Then it'll just be a matter of painting everything up, that should go quicker. The painting is mostly blues and blacks with a bit of white and red in there as well.


Work continued on the drawing section of Painting #2 and as of last night, I thought I was finished! That is until this morning, when I realized that I forgot to draw the outlines for the uprights to the balcony railing....

Sucks too, cause I was did a tally of hours and the drawing section along has accumlated to over 10 hours! 

Oh well, I'll finish up the drawing tonigt and then start painting, like I had planned.


Painting has begun! I started with the background and blocking in colors in various locations. Once the colors are blocked in I can start with shading and highlights. It's going to be an interesting challenge and study in limited color palette use.