Thursday, April 2, 2015

WIP: #WAAC Salamanders Ironclad Dreadnought - Arrival and Assembly

The #WAAC raffle is gaining a ton of steam! As of this writing, there are 18 different people from across the world volunteering to paint minis for the Salamander Space Marines, with an army list pushing a total of 3500 points!

Since writing the project announcement, I'm happy to report that the Ironclad Dreadnought has been ordered, shipped and arrived! Now comes the process of cutting it loose from it's framing and cleaning all the pieces.

I plan on painting every piece of equipment on him too. All arms, weaponry and anything that can be modular will be painted and shipped loose. That way the winner of the army can change him at will.

I'll need to do some research on the Salamanders and figure out which company the dreadnoughts are a part of. Which markings we need to have for that company and such. I'm pretty sure the Dreadnoughts are part of the 2nd Company. But I'm not 100% on that yet.

Anyway, as of now, the mini is mostly assembled and primed. I even went through it and drilled every hole in the exhaust and gun barrels too. All that's left is to paint it. I still need to pick up the colors yet, so maybe that's a trip for tonight.

Also, thanks to another member of the raffle, they have developed the official paint scheme and colors for the army. I was worried about that for a little bit, because with all the different people painting all these models, I knew we'd end up with varying shades of green. But now that they have set what colors we should be using, it should be a lot closer.

A deal has also been worked out that will allow myself and another guy to get the minis we paint to Britain cheaper than shipping. Another member is actually coming to the US for a trip in June and the plan is to mail the packages off to them, within the States. Then she will take them back to the UK and hand them off to Rob. Hopefully that all goes smoothly.