Monday, January 28, 2019

Miniature Monday - Blood Angels Army

Roughly this time last year I started on a commission for a friend of mine that would last me the entire year. Not so much because it was that intense or anything like that, but due to a multitude of other factors, such as convention prep, it took forever to get through.

It is now complete though and it's time to share!

This project has been an interesting task. I've gone from highs of loving working on it to lows of dreading working on it. Its been a long haul and as I've worked on it over the course of a year, I'm not really going to go into get into detail of each and every model.

Out of all the models I think I enjoyed working on the Librarian the most. Possibly because he is a completely different color scheme, but also because of the glow in the dark effect on his eyes and axe.

The Predator tank was an interesting project, because I'd never painted an actual Warhammer 40,000 tank before. I had a hard time with it though, because I needed to mount it to an olive jar and holding on to it made my hand cramp up.

My least favorite models were the Death Company models. I fully blame my choice of colors on this one. I decided to use Black and Dark Reaper to make the black armor and it just felt so bland to paint. But I had already painted the Chaplain and couldn't change it up.

The first 5 jump models sat partially painted for months because of this, while I plodded through the rest of the models.

Overall I'm really happy with how they turned out and I learned a lot about what I want out of my hobby. Commission painting isn't really part of it.

That's it for now, we did the hand off on Sunday and Mark loved them! From the sounds of it we will likely be playing games against him soon too.

I can't wait to blast these off the table.

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