Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Wizardry in Progress 1/2/19

It's a new year and its time for the first Wizardry in Progress of 2019! This week I played with terrain, got some new Admech models assembled and put some red paint down on the Blood Angels Terminators.

Let's check it out.

Blood Angels Terminators
This week I was able to get the red armor all painted on these fellas. It was more of a struggle than I care to admit though. Overall, it took me 3 sessions of starts and stops to finally get through them all.

Tonight I'll be working on the black arms and any other black sections that I need to base coat, such as any silver metal areas. From there I'll work my way through base coating all the over details too. 

Pump Station Thingy
If you've been on Twitter or reading along for awhile, you may recognize this piece already.

Last week, while cleaning, I bumped into an old gas valve that we hadn't thrown away after fixing my furnace. Looking it over, I remembered about the Monster can terrain piece and realized that it would work nicely in between them.

I started playing with parts and after awhile it turned into a monstrosity of GW bitz and recycled parts.

Overall I really like where this one is headed and can't wait to get it based and painted. It's a nice chunky piece and will act as a solid piece of LoS blocking terrain.

This should be a good one!

Admech Recruits
I recently traded off all my Relic Knights models for a pair of Start Collecting: Skitarii box sets, and on New Years Eve I worked on getting some stuff put together.

I got started with the Onager Dunecrawler, setting it up with a Neutron Laser. This gives me two laser Dunecrawlers and the Icarus Array one. I can't wait to get them on the field!

Next up, I built a new Tech-Priest Dominus.

For this guy I went with a straight build without any conversions, since I have two other kit-bashed ones and I wanted to have a regular one to go with them.

He's decked out with a Macrostubber and an Eradication Ray, since he'll be trudging up the battlefield with a couple squads of Vanguard, for the re-rolls.

Speaking of Vanguard, I started gathering up new models for two new squads, as well as two new Alphas for my two existing squads.

The new plan for my Vanguard squads is to have them rushing across the battlefield and capping objectives. I've switched to Graia to give them a bit more longevity. Also, the squads near my warlord will be able to shoot their rifles in melee thanks to the Emotionless Clarity warlord trait.

Since they want to be in melee now, I'm working on adding Taser Goads to the Alphas. This is a bit tricky to do, since the resting rifle arm bit gets used for the Enhanced Data Tether dude.

The solution is pretty simple, but not elegant. To make him still holding his rifle I have to take a standard rifle and then cut off the bracing hand. The leftover marking on the gun is then hidden during the paint job.

The final look isn't going to win awards, but it does cover my WYSIWYG bases. But, these are play pieces anyway so its whatever.

I still have to put together 2 more Vanguard Alphas and a handful of standard Vanguard with rifles, plasma and one more guy with a data tether.

I'd had hoped to bring this army to Adepticon 2019, but the amount of new models to paint along with Crystal Brush models is too much for the time I have available.

Expect a whirlwind of activity starting next week!

That's it for now though. Tonight I'll be working on the Terminators some more, hopefully those will be finished up soon.

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