Monday, January 14, 2019

Miniature Monday - Deathwatch Primaris Librarian

For today's Miniature Monday, I have the Deathwatch Primaris Librarian, who is my main HQ for my current Deathwatch army. I painted this fella in prep for the U-Con gaming convention in November 2018, where Dan of the Lonely Havocs and I taught folks how to play Warhammer 40k.

This guy was a blast to paint and I really love how the Stegadon Scale Green and Black mix works on the a smaller scale and the Deathwatch in general.

When next to something that is a pure black makes the blue really show, when it's the darkest color on the model it reads as black beautifully. It's especially noticable on the Redemptor Dreadnaught. One of the reasons I went with a cream colored inner robe was because of this.

One thing I wanted to really push on this model was lighting effects.

One way of playing with lighting effects was by giving his open hand a spell effect glow. The hardest part was deciding on a color.

I knew I wanted the power sword to be green, and needed something that would go well with it. I also didn't want to go with a blue hue.

Finally I settled on a pink/purple because I felt it would go well with the blue-black armor and leather and mix well with the green from the power sword.

OSL has never been a strong suit of mine. I always felt like I wasn't layering the paint correctly or getting my color transitions right.

This time I decided to try mixing the paint with Lahmian Medium, which is GW's fancy name for glazing medium. I then went to town building up thin layers of purple and adding intensity the closer I came to the palm of the hand.

I really like how it came out and did the same with the green of the power sword.

I'm glad that I did the effect now. It makes the model pop more than it would have otherwise and I now have more confidence when it comes to OSL style effects.

One of the other things I am really proud of on this model is the freehand chapter symbol.

I decided to use the Deathwatch as a reason to up my freehand game by painting all of the chapter symbols myself. I am currently 11 models into it and so happy with the results.

This fella is from the Blood Ravens chapter, which were made famous thanks to the Dawn of War series of video games.

I chose the Blood Ravens for two reasons. The first is due to the fact that he is a Librarian and the Blood Ravens are know to have an overabundance of psykers. The second is because I like the idea that the Blood Ravens are supposedly a loyalist successor chapter of the Thousand Sons traitor chapter.

I don't know why, but the idea of loyalist splinter factions of traitor chapters really gets me going.

I have it in my head that my one Black Shield is a former Luna Wolves space marine who was trapped in stasis before Horus fell. I also like the idea of Fallen Angels and Dark Angels being forced to work together in a Deathwatch Watch Fortress.

I don't know why, but I think it may be because the thought of inner chapter tension makes things more interesting for me.

But, that's pretty much it for now. Check out the showcase video below and detail pictures.

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