Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Wizardry in Progress 1/9/19

It's time for Wizardry in Progress!

This week didn't see a whole lot of work done on projects, mainly because I spent the Thursday through the weekend out of town. I did manage a bit more progress on the Terminator squad, and built a few models.

Let's check it out!
Terminator Squad
Just before I left on Thursday morning I was able to knock out some more details on these fellas, mainly the claws.

I had planned to paint them some more on Sunday evening, but after the drive home I was exhausted and didn't return to them until Monday night.

There's only a few details left to go on them, mostly the golds, gems and purity seals. I'm planning to kick off tonight's hobby session with finishing these guys off.

Sydonian Dragoon #3
A few weeks ago I bought a 3rd Dragoon for my Admech army with the plan being to run a squad of three of them.

Last night I was able to finally get him put together!

I decided to do a very minor conversion on this one and added a pointing arm to him. This required that I take both sets of handlebars and cut them up to make a set of empty handlebars. Nothing super fancy, but it does finish off the model having them on there. 

Dreadnought Drop Pod
This drop pod has been sitting in my  pile of miniatures for well over a year, and I had originally bought it to use as a diorama piece for the Imperial Space Marine.

As many of you know, I started an all Dreadnought army awhile back. From the games I've played, I realized that I needed to rely on the Deathwatch teleportation stratagem for nearly every game. The lack of model count, plus the slow moving nature of Dreadnought made it hard for me to reach back field and harass units back there.

While looking over the Forge World Index for Adeptus Astartes models, I noticed a Lucius Dreadnought Drop Pod. After some searching on the Googles I came to realize that it was no longer in production and only available second hand or some recasters.

I'll never pay a recaster for a model, so that wasn't an option and I don't like buying used models that I have to strip and repaint.

After some more searching I found that folks have been using regular drop pods in place of them, even though there's a notable size difference.

That works for me. So last night I decided to dig out the box and slap it together.

While I would love to use two of them in my 1,500 point list. Currently, that list still has to rely on the stratagem. But, we will be playing 2,000 games eventually, and I think that is where these and the Dreads will really shine!

I'm still debating on adding the Drop Pods to my 1,500 point list. But it would require removing the Redemptor Dreadnought and that is a bit hit to my firepower output.

We'll see.

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