Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Wizardry in Progress 1/16/19

Welcome to Wizardry in Progress, my weekly recap of all of the hobby happenings that have gone of in the previous week!

This week I spent quite a bit of time finishing up Blood Angels models. I completed the Terminator Squad and got started (nearly finished) a tactical squad. I started painting a load of Dreadnoughts and a Drop Pod for my Deathwatch and I modified a sweet resin base for the Chaplain Dreadnought.

Let's check it out.

Blood Angels Commission Progress

This project is getting closer and closer to completion. As of this week I finished off the Terminator squad and as of Sunday, had started on the 10 Tactical Marines.

I had hoped to get the tacticals finished by the end of the day Monday but that didn't happen. I did get close though. All that is left to do is the banner bearer, the weapon effects and the face for the unhelmed duder.

After these are finished, all that is left is another 5 man squad of Death Company and this commission will be complete! That's really exciting!

Deathwatch Drop Pod
Last week I went over the assembly of this fella.

This week I started painting it while also working the Blood Angels, mainly while waiting for washes to dry.

So far 2 of the uprights and one door interior is painted in my Deathwatch blue-green. Though I did accidentally go a bit heavy on the wash on one of the uprights and it is a lot greener than any of the other Deathwatch models I've painted.

Hopefully that evens out a bit once I get the weathering down on it. If not, its not a huge deal... I guess.

Deathwatch Dreadnoughts
Over the weekend I started painting the skeletons for most of the Dreadnought models that I am taking to Adepticon this year.

Since their left arms will be silver armor plating, the skeletons are painted in a different style and shade. This helps keep the armor plating from blending into the skeleton, and the same goes for the skeleton and the armor plating.

To give it a nice and oily look I do my mech skeletons like so.

Drybrush Leadbelcher over a Black primer coat.
Wash the entire piece in Agrax Earthshade.
Wash recesses and shadowed areas with Druchii Violet
Wash everything else in Athonian Camoshade
Drybrush Stormhost Silver.

In the example pics on the right, these are shown without the final drybrushing. But as you can see it does a really good job of tinting the Leadblecher and making it look like worn gritty machinery.

As of now, I have the armor plating touched up with black again and once the Blood Angels are finished it'll be a sprint to get these done for Adepticon.

This army is the only one I am taking to the convention. I'll be playing with them in the 40k Friendly and pick up games all weekend.

I can't wait.

Modifying a Dragon Forge Base
The Chaplain Dreadnought was purchased last Adepticon from my friend Greggles and he had it mounted on top of this bad ass Dragon Forge base.

It's a really cool piece, and I knew I wanted to keep it. But, I also play on Mars bases and I knew it couldn't be just a plain ol' skull on the base. It had to be Admeched!

Monday night I started playing around with it and was hooked on it. By the end of the night I had it all finished and am really pleased with the results!

I can't wait to get it painted up in my copper coloring. It'll look awesome!

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