Monday, January 21, 2019

MIniature Monday - Takata

Today's Miniature Monday features Takata from MidKnight Heroes!

I painted his fella up for the Golden Kobold miniatures painting competition at GenCon 2018, where he took bronze. He was featured on my YouTube channel's Let's Paint series. He's a super cool future ninja, and was a blast to paint.

Let's take a look!

Takata's armor was painted using blues over black, similarly to how my Deathwatch are painted and he's basically the reason they are painted how they are. The main difference between Takata and the Deathwatch is that Takata's armor goes a bit brighter and is highlighted with Sotek Green rather than stopping at Stegadon Scale Green.

I wanted to really sell the idea that he was a cyborg ninja and knew that I would need his eyes to glow, but had a hard time deciding on a color. Finally it was decided that I would go with yellow and orange tones for them, so they would contrast nicely against the armor.

The the yellow sections I painted each area white and then painted with the brightest yellows I had on hand. That way the yellow would be as bright as possible. Once I was happy with coverage I washed them with multiple layers of Cassandra Yellow shade to give the recesses some definition.

To help sell the idea that they were glowing I also glazed some Cassandra Yellow on the surrounding areas, which turned the blue armor into green and gave the impression that those areas were being lit by the yellow light.

One problem that arose while I was working on him was what to do with his scabbards and sword grips. I wanted them to stand out from the armor and give the impression that he collects katana, much like General Greivous collects lightsabers, and that each one was unique.

I painted each scabbard in metallic paints with deep shadows and bright highlights and then glazed them with washes like I would if I was using the gemstone paints. This gave them a bit of a candied finish, which looks nice against the dark armor plating.

Quite possibly my favorite part of the entire piece has to be the base. The base was made using Star Wars Legion measuring tools, some copper tubing and a 2" wooden disk. It was painted with the same yellow glow to help it tie to the model.  I do wish that I had been able to get a smoother edge on it, but the green stuff wasn't working for me. It looks mostly OK though.

It felt nice to stretch my chibi painting a bit, as I'd not painted any in a very long time. I'm really happy that he snagged a bronze medal too, especially since it felt like I was rushing the paint job to get him done for GenCon.

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