Friday, December 21, 2012

Relic Knights Kickstarter Order Confirmed.

After a ton of debating and changing my mind, I've finally confirmed my rewards for the Relic Knights Kickstarter campaign. Originally I was hooked on the idea of getting everything, but decided that it was too much money. Then I decided to get all but 2 factions, all their add ons and special edition minis. But finally I decided on 3 complete factions, 1 starter for the Noh Empire (I couldn't trade down to 3 factions and had to select a 4th) and all the special edition minis and a Cola Plushie (plus an extra Cola plushie for my sister). So here's what my Relic Knights list looks like.

Gameplay stuffs
1 Hardcover Rulebook
2 Sets of Boost tokens

Faction stuffs
1 Black Diamond Starter pack + bonuses
1 BD Diamondback Armor + Breaker Team
1 BD Black Dragons
1 Cerci Speed Circuit Starter pack + bonuses
1 CSC Betty & Lug + Pit Crew
1 CSC Royal Wreckers
1 Doctrine Starter pack + bonuses
1 Doc Fiametta/ Hasami + Prefects
1 Doc Acadamy Guards
1 Noh Empire Starter pack + Bonuses
1 Codelia Clean + Void Herald combo pack
1 Candy Rush
1 Void Reaper

Limited Edition Minis stuffs
Darkspace Candy & Cola
Darkspace Fiametta
Darkspace Marie Claude
Darkspace Zineda
Darkspace Ironschef
Darkspace Rinn
Darkspace Isabeau

Super Dungeon Explore LE Minis stuffs
SDE Calico Kate
SDE Sebastien
SDE Malya
SDE Kisa
SDE Kasaro To
SDE One Shot

Swag stuffs
1 Relic Knights Lithograph
2 Cola Plushies
1 Relic Knights Manga PDF

That's 115 total minis. No where near the total of the Reaper Bones KS I backed earlier this year, but still nothing to sneeze at. I'm hoping to build a custom gaming table all decked out for the Cerci Speed Circuit faction. A lot of folks are stuck on the idea of racetrack tables for the CSC but I'm thinking something along the lines of Neo Tokyo from Akira, and leaning heavy on street racing culture. Of course, I really dig the Black Diamond faction too and a city scape could work well for both sides, if you think of BD as something along the lines of Dominion Tank Police.