Tuesday, December 4, 2012

SDE: Caverns of Roxor Shipped?! YES!

Got an email confirmation that my copy of the first Super Dungeon Explore expansion, Caverns of Roxor, has shipped! Finally.

I've tried being as patient as I could, but it proved to be really difficult. Eventually I just put Roxor out of my mind completely and it helped that all last month I was busy with my arcade cab project. So that kept my mind off of it for awhile. It seems like things were delayed and delayed and after missing two estimated shipment dates Soda Pop Miniatures finally got their shipments in and have been working since Friday to get everything shipped out to the folks who preordered it on their webstore.

I really am excited to finally get my hands on this expansion. From the looks of it, it's all Turtles and Fire Elementals. A lot of folks have drawn comparisons to the Super Mario games with the Sapper being Mario, Princess Ruby being Princess Peach/Daisy and the turtles all representing Koopa Troopas. But thing I like the best about the set has to be the fire side of things.

The first thing I thought of when I saw Roxor, the new boss character, is that he could totally be Ragnaros from World of Warcraft's classic raid Molten Core. Of course, this could all be because I spent waaaaay too much time farming him back in my WoW days. But I think if I ever do bite the bullet and build custom tiles for SDE, I may have to theme it like Molten Core in spirit.


Caverns of Roxor is coming! It's gonna be filled with awesome! It's gonna challenge my fire painting skills! The turtles will be painted with skin colors similar to the TMNT! RockGut the Troll is gonna look like a WoW troll in coloring! And I'll have 3 new hero models to paint!

Who's hyped? This guy.