Thursday, December 6, 2012

SDE WIP: Wyrmlings, Hatchlings and Whelps Finished.

Work continues on Super Dungeon Explore's base set. Yesterday, while home from work sick, I finished up the Dragon's Clutch minis and some final details on Starfire (which I forgot to photograph). The little dragons where already "finished" at one point, but when I put the bone and horns on Starfire's head, I decided that the "children" need to look similar.

As previously posted. I had thought these were good "as is".

They look a lot better w/o all that black.
I'm really happy with how they turned out and in person it seems to make their eyes pop a lot more. And now they don't seem super dark, since before they were almost completely black. I'm kinda sad though. My classic mix for making bone colors used colors from GW's previous line of paints: Graveyard Earth -> Dheneb Stone (Foundation Paint) -> Sepia (Ink) -> Bleached Bone -> Skull White (for extreme highlighting). But, now that GW has switched their line of paints I'll have to find a new set to work with, probably in either the Army Painter or Reaper lines. Luckily, thanks to the From The Warp blog, I've found replacements for GW's Black and Brown inks and will be heading to the hobby shop this weekend to pick some up.