Tuesday, December 11, 2012

SDE WIP: Ironscales Done! On to the Dragon Priests!

A few days ago I was able to finish the Ironscales, complete with rusty armor and corroded bronze shields. I'm fairly pleased with how they turned out, though I still am slightly unsure about the copper oxide look on the shields. Of course everyone I've shown it to says that they look great, I can't help but self-critique. Now that the Ironscales are complete, I'm moving on to the Dragon Priests.  Mostly because there are only two of them and not being a wargamer, It'll seem like a nice break. Since I've never really had to marathon squad painting this much before.

Front and Back views of the Kobold Ironscales.
Like the Ironscales, the Dragon Priests will be red skinned. But, the plan is to have each class of Kobold be a different shade/tint/hue of red. So, in the spirit of diversity, I've opted for a Red/Pink look to their skin. Kind of like how a Caucasian wizard would be pale skinned from years of studying indoors, the Dragon Priests are going to be a lighter skin tone from the rest of the Kobolds.

Kobold Dragon Priests skin coloring done.
 I'm not sure what I want to do with the robes. I'm thinking the top will be leather and the main cloak could look good as a dark teal green. If I want to get really fancy, maybe I'll paint a dragon skull icon, like the skull on the Ironscales' shields on the back of the cloaks too. Since these guys are supposed to be zealots of Starfire, they should look somewhat ornate too.

As for the staff, I'm going to go with golds, I think. No corrosion on it, except maybe knock down the shine a bit with an ink wash to make it seem slightly dingy. The crystals, I'm thinking will match the Dragon's Clutch spawners. With one being green and the other purple. But for now, I have the skin and inside the mouth done. I even stippled the paint onto the tongue a little to give it a little taste-bud texture.
Another shot of the Dragon Priest, with the inside of the mount painted.