Thursday, December 13, 2012

SDE WIP: More Work on the Dragon Priests and.... CAVERNS OF ROXOR GET!!!!

I've been working on the Dragon Priests and as of last night I was able to paint the Robes all up. I decided to go with the dark teal for the cloth and the leather hood. At this point I'm not sure what the plan is going to be for the tunic's coloring, but I might just go grey. Of course, that's not the most exciting part of this post! The expansion pack, The Caverns of Roxor, finally came! And I was able to paw through it a bit and snap some pics. So far, I really like the look of all these models.

Robes done! I'm really liking how these guys are turning out.
And now onto Roxor. It had said it was shipped out over a week ago and I was really getting anxious. I kept an eye on tracking and it was updating like normal, then suddenly it left Denver, CO and vanished! For 5 days I watched the USPS tracking and never saw an update on the thing's status, which was super frustrating. And then, yesterday I checked it and it finally reached Michigan and said it had a estimated delivery date of the 11th. Well the 11th came and went with no package arriving. I checked it again this morning and is said it was Out for Delivery! Finally.

I got home from work and the first thing I did was crack that baby open. It was packed really well in a box filled with foam. I pulled it out, ripped open the plastic and popped open the box to check it all out.

Roxor's Box, just begging to be opened.
The contents
All the new figures! There's a bunch of stat and treasure cards too.
Needless to say, I'm very happy. I can't wait to get to work on them all, but first I must finish the base set. Plus, I don't want to start on the minions until I have the Fireflow Denizens and Rock Top Gang mini expansions in hand. That way I don't have to try to match color schemes on new minis. But, I can get the 3 new heroes (2 if you count the Promo Princess Ruby I have already), Roxor and Rock Gut the Troll.

Looks like I have my work cut out for me.