Thursday, December 4, 2014

More Caverns of Roxor Progress

The Rock Top Gang is finished! These guys were fun to paint, while being slightly tedious at the same time. The reason for the tedium was thanks to my decision to paint all of their shells the same color, which meant I needed to batch paint the entire crew. But thanks to movies and music it went by quickly and I am really pleased with the results.

Please excuse the photos. For some reason, these minis didn't want to color correct properly.

As I mentioned before, the original plan was to paint up the turtles to match up with the skin color of the original Playmates TMNT toys. But thanks to my inability to properly mix paints like a machine, I ended up scrapping the idea after painting up the ones that were to look like Leonardo. But, I was able to get the shell color to match pretty close, so the spirit is still there.

Rock Top Crusher

 Rock Top Rollers

Rock Top Bombardiers

Rock Top Slowpokes

Turtle Shells

Next up, I still need to do the bases and the Fireflow Denizens. But that'll have to wait for a little bit. Since it's December and Christmas time, I've found that I'm lacking in free time. But I will be continuing as soon as possible.