Monday, January 12, 2015

WIP: The Keeper and His Zombie Horde Continued

I'm still working on The Keeper and his Zombies, the base is taking a lot of time. But, step one is finally finished! Plus, I decided to do some OSL on the Keeper and thanks to Yaumaster on Twitter, I added some more details to the zombies!

First of all, step one of the coloring in of the ground is finished. I'm thinking that it took something like 12 hours to put all of the black on to it. It was a giant test of patience and required using my 118/0 liner brush almost exclusively... which it didn't like very much and I think it's seen better days.

The next step is going to be gluing sand onto the base. I'm going to try using a different brush to apply the glue. Also due to the time it takes to do each section, I'll need to work in small sections and apply sand a few
pieces at a time.

Earlier this week I was talking Zombies with Yaumaster on twitter about his zombies and was talking about how I was having issues with making them suitably dirty and rotten. Yaumaster suggested using some of my left over Ogryn Flesh wash on the skin and some bone colored paint on a few areas to give it a bit of transparency.

I think they turned out well! The Ogyrn Flesh really helped make the skin color vary a lot more and the bone helped it make the skin look like it was thin on the faces, shoulder blades and a couple other sections.

I applied the bone paint after the Ogyrn Flesh, and looking at these in different light, I think I may apply some more over the bone to cut down on the beige a bit.

The last new thing to update is the Keeper. Fixing the skin on the zombies got me thinking about the Keeper's orb. I had been thinking of attempting some OSL on him, but I don't really have much experience with it and didn't want to ruin it. Well, I finally decided to paint some green glow on him and I think it turned out well. I tried to keep from over doing it.

That's it for now, this project is coming along nicely! Once it's all finished, I already have ideas for my next project.  But I'm not letting the next idea hinder progress on this one, no ADD here!