Monday, April 9, 2018

Miniature Monday - The Mighty Zugg

I painted Zugg over a year ago now. He was meant to play alongside the Tri-City Sentinels as a Star Player and he was the first of many Blood Blow Star Players I bought.

I painted him just before Adepticon, and was planning to meet up with some friends to play games of Blood Bowl. But Adepticon being a social gathering that it is, those games never happened. My interest in playing Blood Bowl then waned considerably and I sold off most of my unpainted Star Players and the unpainted, unassembled Dwarf and Skaven teams.

Since it was so close to Adepticon when I finished him, I didn't write up a post about him. So, we're fixing that today.

I give you, Zugg star of the Tri-City Sentinels!

Like many of the Blood Bowl miniatures, I wasn't super keen on Zugg until I actually had him assembled and in my hand. Then I really liked the sculpt and details of him.

He came with 2 different hands, one carrying a ball and one clenched in a fist. Based off of everything I've read about Zugg, he should never be carrying the ball, so I gave him the fist option instead.

I guess Star Players aren't technically members of the team they are playing for. But I had to paint him up in my team's colors, or else I would have had issues with him having a different color scheme than the rest of them.

Overall, I had a good time painting him and I like everything about him, except the green towel... I fully expect it to break off eventually. It was a pain in the ass to glue on and it's thin resin.

That's it for this week. Until next time, you can catch me on Twitter and Instagram!