Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Wizardry in Progress 4/18/18

It's a pretty light week this week, as far as painting goes. We had a massive snow and ice storm this weekend and I didn't do much of anything. There were power outages all around me and I didn't want to worry about painting and then losing electricity and lighting in the middle of it all.

That said, this week I started on a Blood Angels commission for a friend of mine, I generally don't do commission work but I broke down on this one, so we could have another player in our growing Warhammer 40k group.

Over the last week I started playing with list builds and came up with a new list that I really wanted to try out. So, Tuesday night, I built some extra models for my Admech army using left over kit pieces and the models in the Forgebane box set.

I also did a bunch of video editing of the video I recorded for the Mary Fix-it bust. I'll be pushing those out soon!

Let's take a look.

Death Company Chaplain

The first of a bunch of Death Company minis. I'm using these guys to hone my black armor painting skills in preparation for my upcoming Deathwatch project. I used to hate painting black armor, but this guy has been really fun to paint.

To paint the black armor, I primed him black and then mixed Dark Reaper and Black together, followed by straight Dark Reaper at the highlight. This was followed by Vallejo Neutral Grey edge highlighting and a wash of Nuln Oil. After that was all dry, I added in some white highlighting too.

Overall, I like the look of how the armor turned out, though I think I should have done the neutral grey after the Nuln Oil wash so that the white didn't seem as drastic.

I've been recording the process on this fella too, so expect a Let's Paint series on him after the Mary Fix-it bust series is through.

Skitarii Vanguard Additions

After Adepticon, as well as playing in a team game with some friends of mine at the game shop, I realized that I needed to change up my Vanguard squads.

While it is fun chucking 30d6 and ignoring cover, I've found that cover doesn't happen as much as I thought it would and their basic rifles just don't have enough umph to deal with some targets.

I had bits left over from all of my kits so far, and I was able to scrounge up all of my plasma calivers with their backpacks.

Now my plan is to run 3 squads of 5 Vanguard with 2 plasma calivers each. Also instead of running Omnispex to ignore cover, I built 3 new guys carrying Enhanced Data-Tethers.

I needed to get creative with the plasma calivers, because two of them had been cut from their arms. The guns themselves were intact, but I needed to come up with replacement arms for them.

The same happened with the data-tether dudes. I ran out of the one handed rifles. So I decided to cut up a Ranger rifle arm and I'll be using the loose radium carbine and resting it on the ground.

More Running Skitarii Rangers

Last week I made a pair of running Skitarii Ranger snipers, and I felt that in order to fill out the squad I should make them all running.

Luckily, I had one ranger that was one of my original ones from the very first box of rangers I built. He's already been primed too.

For the other two I used a few of the running bodies and then equipped one with the Omnispex and the other as an Alpha.

I really like using the unhooded heads for Ranger Alphas. It makes them so much easier to pick out on the table. 

Sicarian Infiltrators

This new list runs two squads of Sicarian Infiltrators. I had assembled one squad a few months ago, when I was still planning to take them to Adepticon.

I ultimately decided against bringing them, and I kind of wish I had now. But you know what they say about hindsight.

While playing in our team game, I realized that I despreately needed a way to mess with the back field and possibly cap ignored/unguarded objectives.

That's where these fella come in. I can hold on to them until last minute and bring them in during my 3rd round turn.

The new squad has magnetized arms, so I can swap between load outs without buying more kits.

The other set is my original squad with a new Princeps. The new Princeps has magnetized arms and a pair of different legs too.  Which gives him a different pose than the original actual Princeps that comes in the box.

The second squad has their taser goads and gun glued on, and will need to be replaced with magnetized ones eventually. But for now, they'll just be proxy for whichever load out I need. Since the Princeps' arms are magnetized, I'll just use him to denote which load out the whole squad is using for the time being.

That's it for now. Next week I should have the Chaplain finished and solid progress on the Blood Angels Captain in Terminator armor. You can see how progress goes during the week over on Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks for reading!