Monday, April 16, 2018

Miniature Monday - White Kastelan Robot

While I'm going out of order by showcasing this fella before the orange robo, he has become something of the star of the Kastelan Robots. The white robo tends to get singled out, whenever I show the robos to new people. Something about the weathering, the spider web crack and just the overall look of him hits on all cylinders. 

He also happens to be my favorite as well. Possibly because of the white/grey armor plating and how much trouble I had making it all work. Seeing him come together definitely gave me a major sense of accomplishment.

When planning this robot, I knew I wanted to give him white armor from the start, but I wasn't sure what color his replacement leg should be. I wouldn't decide on that until much later in the paint job.

The white armor was painted using Vallejo Model Color White blended down to Citadel Dark Reaper. It took a long time to do, and this robo was possibly the longest paint job out of the 6 that are currently painted.

I had a hard time getting the color transition correct and it took me nearly half the model to finally get it figured out.

Eventually I realized that I needed to start with white and blend down to the shadow, unlike the previous robos which I started with the shadow color and worked up.

Also, on the previous robos I painted all of the rivets and misc metals with silver paint. But since this guy was white and grey, I changed it up to a bronze/copper so they stood out more.

This also let me play with a bit of green corrosion on him, to add to the overall rusty look.

As for the rust itself, I used sponge weathering to add in some silvers to the paint job and make him look beat up, especially around the hip of the left leg.

I then sponged him with some Rhinox Hide and Mournfang Brown and added in some Typhus Corrision for texture. This was all drybrushed with Ryza Rust to give it some oranging.

The copper/bronze metals were covered in Nihilakh Oxide to give it a bit of green corrosion.

After the main body was finished I finally decided that I'd go with purple for the replacement leg. The darkness of the purple would contrast nicely against the white, but not over power it. Especially since I used black as the base coat and worked it up from there.

Finally we have the spider web crack. I had tried scratched glass on the Black robo earlier and I made a objective marker that I had attempted a spider web crack on too.

That one turned out well and I knew that I would need to do one on an actual robo that would be on the table.

For the spider web crack, I mixed some Lothern Blue into white, to give it a bit of tinting from the eyes behind the glass. I drew out the original lines from a dot in the center and made them jaggy and as random as I could.

I then went over those lines with some thinned black paint, this was then followed by some lines of pure white to act as reflections on the cracks.

After that was all done, I took some 'ardcoat gloss and went over the lines with that to really help sell the effect.

Its a great effect, and I hope I can do a tutorial on it soon.

But, that's it for now. If you're interested in what I am currently working on, you can catch me on Twitter and Instagram to see all the progress as it happens.

Thanks for reading!