Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Wizardry in Progress 4/25/18

It's time to check in and see what has happened in the past week! That means it's time for Wizardry in Progress! This week, I finished off the Death Company Chaplain and started on a new projected featuring the Knight Models Deadpool miniature.

Let's take a look.

Death Company Chaplain

The Death Company Chaplain is all finished! I managed to get most of him done on Thursday night and then finished him off on Sunday morning.

I'm happy with most of this model, but I know I could have done better on the OSL from the jump pack jets.

I think my favorite part of the model is either the head of his scepter or the wings. Both turned out well, and I really liked switching it up and highlighting the red with orange and yellow.

The base was painted with Astrogranite and then washed with Druchii Violet and Nuln Oil, before being drybrushed with Slaanesh Grey and White.

Next up in this commission is going to be the Death Company Dreadnaught, which should be fun to paint up. I really like painting Dreads for some reason.

I recorded the entire process, and he's planned to be next up on the Let's Paint series, after Mary Fix-it is finished airing.


The Deadpool 2 hype got the best of me and I've started on a quick display piece using a Knight Models Marvel Miniatures Game mini that I've had laying around for at least a year or better.

I started him on Monday, and made a display base of the Deadpool emblem using some plasticard and a 2" wooden disc.

Since he's standing on a pile of bricks/rocks, I decided to have rubble surrounding him and spread out across the base. The idea seemed suitably comic book cover-esque.

Which gives me the idea of making a faux comic book cover using him, when he's all done.

I started by painting the areas that will be red with Rhinox Hide (surprise!), and then began work on the black parts of the suit.

The black was painted with Black, Dark Reaper and Neutral Grey and some Nuln Oil. Currently it looks really grey, possibly because it is surrounded by areas of black primer. But it should dial in as the model is finished.

I'm also not finished with the black yet. I need to go over it and deepen some shadows and add some high highlights, which will be Neutral Grey, instead of White.

The soles of the boots will go to white edging, as will the forearm covers. But, not the suit itself.

That's it for now on him though. I should be knocking out more on him tonight and tomorrow. Then its back to work on commission stuffs.

That's it for this week's progress! As always, you can see everything I'm working on during the week over on Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks for reading!